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Owl boxes in the area of the Dębsk Wind Farm

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Owl boxes in the area of the Dębsk Wind Farm

The environmental supervision carried out at the construction site of the Dębsk Wind Farm, our environmentalists determined the presence of little owl, a bird from the tawny owl family.

In Poland, it is a very rare nesting bird (in 2008-2012, its numbers in the country were estimated at 500-1000 pairs) and this is why Polenergia decided to hang nesting boxes in the vicinity, which should contribute to an increase of the local population.

In order to find the best location for the boxes, Polenergia engaged the residents and the Office of the Żuromin Township, who found the proper locations in cooperation with the company responsible for environmental oversight.

Field work associated with the project supporting the conservation of local avifauna diversity was conducted in January 2021. 8 boxes were installed as part of the campaign. Most of them were placed on trees and also on outbuildings. Two boxes were installed on school grounds in Chamsk and Kliczewo Duże. The nesting boxes for this rare owl species are located in Olszewo, Kosewo, Chamsk, Dębsk, Sadowo, Cierpigórz and Kliczewo Duże.

Also, during the field work to install the boxes for little owl, a wintering site of the long-eared owl was found.

In order to communicate the Company’s activities and at the same time make the local community aware of the valuable species, a cycle of educational sessions is planned for children in the school in Chamsk.

Polenergia attaches great importance to education. This is why it invests in education, taking responsibility for increasing awareness in the area of biodiversity.

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