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All turbines at the WF Szymankowo are assembled

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All turbines at the WF Szymankowo are assembled

Polenergia has completed the installation process of all 11 turbines at the Wind Farm Szymankowo. We have completed it in a very short time of just 12 months.

We have already obtained the necessary permits and we have applied the voltage to the GPO FW Szymankowo station. Soon we will start producing green energy. This farm will allow 60,000 households to be supplied with clean energy per year and moreover we avoid the emission of over 104,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year, such as CO₂ during the production process. The full commissioning of the FW Szymankowo is planned for the middle of this year. The project is financed with corporate funds and the bank loans of EBRD, mBank S.A. and ING Polska.

We invite you to watch the film report from our Wind Farm Szymankowo Farm

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