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Kostomłoty WF

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27 MW

total wind farm capacity

3 MW

capacity of individual Vestas V136 wind turbines

Key information

Kostomłoty Wind Farm was implemented by Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa Dębice/Kostomłoty Sp. z o.o., wholly-owned by Polenergia Group. The Wind Farm is located in Kostomłoty Municipality, Środa Śląska Poviat, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in southern Poland.

According to the building permit, the capacity of the individual Vestas V136 turbines will be 3 MW. The parameters of the turbines will be as follows:

  • hub height: 122 m;
  • rotor diameter: 136 m.

Benefits of the Project

The estimated annual generation of clean energy is 88,550 MWh.

Social impact

The Project is located in Kostomłoty Municipality, Środa Wielkopolska Poviat. The Project will increase the Municipalities’ revenue from taxes paid by the Company, and the owners of the land on which the wind farm and associated infrastructure are located will receive benefits from land lease or easement agreements.

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Educational activities supported by Polenergia Group

Polenergia climate and environmental protection in Kostomłoty Municipality through the implementation of the educational project Graj z nami w zielone!® in three primary schools.

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Charitable activities supported by Polenergia Group

Charitable activities in Dębice/Kostomłoty WF area are carried out in cooperation with Kostomłoty Municipality for the benefit of the local Country Housewives’ Associations to activate women and support women’s activities. In addition, Polenergia supports activities relating to children’s sports and the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Impact on biodiversity

Following the preparation of the EIA report, the Company obtained the relevant decision on environmental conditions for Kostomłoty WF No. RITGNROŚGP.6220.2.21.2013.TB, issued on 30 June 2013 by the Voit of Kostomłoty Municipality. The decision laid down the key environmental conditions.

The public consultation included making the EIA report and other documents available to all interested stakeholders. No complaints or protests were lodged against the planned Project.

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The form below facilitates submission of any comments, complaints or questions to the developer of Kostomłoty Wind Farm, ensuring more effective communication, transfer of information and responding to events/incidents that may occur as a result of our operations.

Complaint forms have been made available at the Municipality Offices, which also provide the company’s contact details. The forms are available at:


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