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Impact on biodiversity

Decision on environmental conditions

Following the preparation of the EIA report, the Company obtained the relevant decision on environmental conditions for Kostomłoty WF No. RITGNROŚGP.6220.2.21.2013.TB, issued on 30 June 2013 by the Voit of Kostomłoty Municipality. The decision laid down the key environmental conditions.

The public consultation included making the EIA report and other documents available to all interested stakeholders. No complaints or protests were lodged against the planned Project.

The Wind Farm was constructed under the environmental supervision of Bioekspert. 22 inspections were carried out, during which the site was checked for the presence of habitats of protected animal species, i.e. amphibians, birds and mammals.

Ex-ante ornithological and chiropterological monitoring was carried out for Kostomłoty WF between June and August 2008. The results of the monitoring were presented in the report on the environmental impact of the wind farm as part of the environmental impact assessment procedure, which ended with the decision on environmental conditions issued by the Voit of Kostomłoty Municipality on 30.07.2013.

The Company was obliged to carry out three-year ex-post monitoring of birds and bats. The Company will also carry out an ex-post analysis of the acoustic impact on acoustically protected areas within 6 months from the date of putting the wind farm into operation.

Ornithological and chiropterological monitoring also began in November 2022.

A report on the first year’s research will be submitted to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ) in Wrocław no later than 18 months after the start-up of the wind farm.

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