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Summary of the first semester of the second edition of...

Summary of the first semester of the second edition of the educational program Play Green with Us!®

The first semester of the second edition of the educational programme Play Green with us!® has come to an end. Between September and mid-February, more than 800 lessons were delivered by teachers as part of the programme. Nearly 5,000 students participated in eco lessons, eco projects and eco competitions.

Polenergia, together with 66 educational institutions, once again acted for the climate. Primary schools and kindergartens located near the Group’s existing or planned investments joined in the implementation of environmental classes for the second time. The classes are based on lesson scenarions prepared by Polenergia in cooperation with the Kulczyk Foundation and UNEP/GRID-Warszawa – Play Green with us!®

The lessons were organised by biology, nature, chemistry, physics, geography and primary education teachers. Polish language teachers and school librarians were also involved in this edition of the project. Thanks to the excellent activities organised by the teachers, pupils were able to broaden their knowledge of the energy transition, the need to protect the earth’s surface and water, and the principles of circular economy.

During the lesson, (pupils) had the opportunity to work independently, draw conclusions, discuss problems encountered, work in teams, making the proposed exercises attractive to them. The participants were most involved during the technical work: making windmills, measuring wind speed, instead of eco-toys they made eco-models presenting the environment polluted by man and the one they would like to live in.

Anita Smokowska

School and Kindergarten Complex in Rajgród, Rajgród Wind Farm, Podlaskie Voivodeship

Teachers and pupils were again able to get involved in the implementation of eco-projects, thanks to which school gardens were prepared for the winter period. Eco contests have been organised in some schools, for which Polenergia financed the purchase of prizes Reader-Art Contest under the Patronage of Polenergia – ESG Service

At the beginning of the school year, Polenergia sent an educational box called ‘Good Energy’ to all establishments involved in the project, which proved to be an invaluable didactic aid in the implementation of practical classes showing how electricity is generated.

The EDUbox is a very valuable aid, thanks to its contents we did experiments on the efficiency of photovoltaic screens, and simulated the operation of windmills producing electricity. The instructions contained in the EDUbox are very clear, making the experiments run smoothly.

Ms Anna Szymańska

Teacher, Janusz Kusociński Primary School No. 3 in Sulechów, Photovoltaic Farms Sulechów, Lubuskie Voivodeship

More than 90 per cent of establishments have committed themselves since September 2023 to the Climate Reading action, which aims to encourage pupils to reach for books, as well as to raise awareness of the changes taking place in nature. Those schools and kindergartens that have not yet joined the promotion of Climate Reading have declared their intention to join the campaign in the second semester.

Pupils are very keen to borrow books purchased through the Programme. Book exhibitions and activities are organised in the school. Pupils who borrow books with ecological themes receive a green token. In return for collecting five green tokens, a pupil receives an ecology-related colouring book.

Agnieszka Finfando

Teacher, Primary School in Rydzewo, Photovoltaic Farm Rajgród, Podlaskie Voivodeship

We are delighted to see such a strong commitment from teachers and pupils in promoting environmentally friendly attitudes. Thanks to open cooperation and communication al also a great desire to change the world for the better, Play Green with us!® project continues and develops further.

We would like to thank all the teachers, project coordinators and head teachers for their commitment to the Play Green with us!® project.  We would also like to thank the students and parents for their openness to the presented topics and their cooperation in creating our future greener.

Acting together we can do more!

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