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Polenergia supports educational and cultural activities for children, adults, and...

Polenergia supports educational and cultural activities for children, adults, and seniors

From September 2023 to April 2024, three cultural and educational projects were implemented in Lignowy Szlacheckie: 'Senior Cafe,' 'Shine, Little Star, Shine,' and 'Kitchen Connecting Generations.' They were organized by the Kociewskie Women's Forum Association in collaboration with partners: the Senior Club and the Rural Housewives' Circle. The funds for the events were provided by Polenergia, in accordance with the Group's Social Engagement Policy.

The 'Senior Cafe'

The Senior Cafe was a project aimed at seniors in the village of Lignowy Szlacheckie. It consisted of six themed meetings designed for education and integration. During these meetings, participants learned about the importance of honeybees and wild bees, butterflies, wasps, bumblebees, and other insects. They also sampled different types of honey and learned about their properties. Additionally, they learned how to cleanse and care for their skin using rejuvenating and moisturizing masks. They had the opportunity to sing folk songs together and learn methods of baking and decorating a large cake.

Through participation in the project, seniors also learned how to use social media and messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp. The ‘Senior Cafe’ was a series of useful and, according to the participants, very enjoyable meetings.

'Shine, Little Star, Shine'

The second edition of the series of meetings titled ‘Shine, Little Star, Shine‘ took place from November 2023 to January 2024. During the workshops, participants crafted cards, candles, and other decorations for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Gingerbread cookies and festive cakes were baked together. To conclude the project, a carnival ball was organized for the children of Lignowy.

The children, filled with joy, were energized by fruits, juices, and delicious food prepared by the Senior Club and the Kociewskie Women’s Forum. The Mayor, Mirosław Chyła, and the Village Head, Łukasz Chmielecki, also attended the ball. The event concluded with the distribution of sweet gifts to all the children.

'Kitchen Connecting Generations'

Kitchen Connecting Generations‘ was held from February to March 2024 in Lignowy Szlacheckie. Seniors, along with children and grandchildren, participated in a series of workshops aimed at culinary education through the exploration of traditional Kociewskie baked goods and the cultivation of a habit of consuming homemade food. All dishes were prepared collaboratively by seniors, children, and teenagers. After finishing their work, participants enjoyed cookies, rolls, burgers, as well as vegetable and fruit salads together. Inter-generational cooking and long conversations in the kitchen and at the table demonstrated that the kitchen truly brings generations together.

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