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Impact on biodiversity

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Decision on environmental conditions

In 2012, Piekło WF Project underwent the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure conducted by the competent authority, i.e. the Mayor of Międzychód. During the EIA procedure the State Sanitary Inspector and the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ) were consulted in accordance with the requirements of the environmental law. The consultation procedure also allowed for the participation of Project stakeholders. The Project obtained a permit for the construction of 6 turbines and auxiliary infrastructure.

Environmental studies

Environmental supervision during construction

Verification whether environmental risks are mitigated and properly managed during construction is carried out by BIO-EKSPERT. During construction, BIO-EXPERT has been carrying out regular inspections of Project implementation in terms of compliance with the environmental protection and nature conservation regulations. It provides support in preparation of requests for derogation from the prohibitions related to protected species, if necessary.

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