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Nature education for Polenergia Group Employees

Nature education for Polenergia Group Employees

Polenergia supports nature conservation efforts and actively engages in increasing its employees knowledge about the importance of biodiversity conservation. Since last year, we have been organizing regular webinars in collaboration with UNEP/GRID-Warsaw. During these lectures, employees learned about the key challenges faced by businesses in terms of ecosystem protection worldwide, issues related to the conservation of endangered species and habitats, as well as the importance of protecting peatlands and marshes.

Continuing the education on the necessity of peatland conservation, we organized a nature walk at Bagno Całowanie, one of the largest peatlands in the Mazovian Voivodeship. The walk, which took place on May 13, 2023, provided not only an excellent opportunity to relax in nature but also to discover the unique wildlife harbored within the largest peatland in Mazovia. Participants had the chance to admire and learn about various bird species, butterflies, and plants, many of which are under strict protection. The walk was led by ornithologists Paweł Pstrokoński and Łukasz Kozub from the Wetland Conservation Center. These two excellent guides and naturalists provided insightful knowledge, sharing fascinating information about the ecological value of the peatland and its role in climate protection.

Peatlands, such as Bagno Całowanie, accumulate large amounts of organic plant material. When healthy and undisturbed, peatlands serve as carbon stores, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. By protecting and preserving peatlands, we contribute to the fight against climate change. Although peatlands cover only 5% of the Earth’s surface, research shows that they store a greater amount of CO2 than all the forests combined. When peatlands are maintained in good condition, they act as carbon reservoirs with continuous carbon absorption capacity. It is estimated that one hectare of peatland accumulates over a ton of CO2 annually. Destruction of peatlands, mainly through drainage, leads to the rapid release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Additionally, peatlands and wetlands are habitats of exceptional biodiversity, playing a crucial role in preserving diverse plant, animal, and microbial species. By protecting marshes, we ensure the conservation of these valuable species and help maintain biological diversity and protect natural ecosystems.

The organized nature walk for employees attracted the attention of both adults and children, who could enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and understand the importance of preserving and protecting these valuable ecosystems.

The experience not only brought pleasure to all participants but also provided an opportunity to understand and appreciate the natural heritage offered by Bagna Całowanie.

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