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Greenery plantings

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Greenery plantings

Increasing the number of trees is an important part of the Green Deal policy, the EU’s “Biodiversity Strategy 2030” announced in May 2020, and the fight against climate change.

On June 5, 2021, on the occasion of World Environment Day, Polenergia Group joined the “Green Ribbon #ForPlanet” Partnership implemented by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw. The aim of the campaign, which is carried out every year, is to educate the public about the most important environmental challenges. In this year’s edition, in accordance with the UN resolution, the theme is “Ecosystem Restoration,” and the years 2021 – 2030 have been declared, by the UN, the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. As part of the Green Ribbon for the Planet Partnership, Polenergia Group has implemented a long-term biodiversity program involving green plantings in municipalities where the Group’s facilities are located.

In total, Polenergia planted 600 trees and shrubs in parks, squares and around public buildings in 2021! The plantings accompanied the construction of new wind farms: Szymankowo, Debsk and Kostomłoty.

The first stage of the program was implemented in the municipality of Żuromin, which is where the Debsk Wind Farm is currently under construction. On April 21, 2021, 135 pieces of trees and shrubs were planted in a park on Lidzbarska Street in Żuromin municipality. The location of the plantings was agreed upon with representatives of the Żuromin Municipality, while the trees and shrubs were selected by a naturalist to best suit the species of birds found locally and provide them with suitable food. To ensure the highest possible quality, the plantings were carried out by a qualified design and comprehensive landscaping company, were carried out under the supervision of a naturalist, and the selected plants are native species that were ordered and purchased from a local supplier from Żuromin. During the implementation of such initiatives, Polenergia Group always tries to support local entrepreneurs.

The second completed stage of the greenery planting program also took place in the spring of 2021, in the municipality of Miłoradz, in the villages of Gnojewo and Kończewice, where a total of about 70 pieces of new plants of species such as cherry, goldenseal, rudbeckia, catmint, sedum or funkia were planted. The location of the plantings was agreed with representatives of the Miłoradz Commune Office. Trees and shrubs were selected by the same company as for the first stage, which also carried out the plantings. The plants were selected to best suit the needs of the local communities and create a place that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also a place where people are more likely to spend time together.

The next stages of the greenery planting program were carried out in autumn 2021 in the municipality of Kostomłoty (on the nursery grounds), where Polenergia Group is currently building FW Kostomłoty, and in the municipality of Żuromin (FW Dębsk-completion of the second stage of park revitalization).

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