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Women Business Enthusiasts workshop

Women Business Enthusiasts workshop

For the Polenergia Group, it is especially important to build a diverse team of male and female employees.

A clash of diverse opinions, points of view and a dialog provide a regular context for the Polenergia Group’s activity. Diversity makes it possible to maximize the potential of male and female employees. Such an approach to building diversity results in offering jobs for everybody and creating an inclusive organizational culture.

The Polenergia Group promotes equality in employing men and women and monitors, among others, which positions are held by women, how they are remunerated and what percentage of women occupy managerial positions.

To make it possible to provide women with mutual support, workshops were organized in 2020 under the name of “Women Business Enthusiasts” The key objectives of the program included:

  • diagnosis of needs connected with professional self-fulfillment of women working in Polenergia;


  • building awareness of the role and importance of women on the labor market;


  • support for individual identification of one’s own needs, strengths and expectations about professional life;


  • network – preparation to building a network of contacts supporting development;


  • building involvement by supporting competences to maintain balance between professional and private life;


  • supporting development through improving communication competences – assertiveness, openness, dialog.

For Polenergia, training courses were one of priority projects of Enterculture in 2020. A dynamic innovative company wanted to develop the employees’ competences, prepare the leaders to manage effectively in a changeable, diverse business environment, full of challenges, and to support women employed on expert positions in developing their careers. Enterculture offered customized training for managers and workshops for women.
The leadership program revolved around preparing managers to managing diverse teams – participants of the training learned the most important aspects of systemic diversity management, supporting the development of women in the organization, skillful use of diverse competences and potential. They received support in developing the key leadership competences, learned various methods of motivating employees and getting them involved as well as the basic coaching techniques. What is important, they also had an opportunity to exchange experiences, thoughts and ideas in a friendly and creative atmosphere. The results of the training included renewal of the process of periodic interviews in a leadership spirit.
The workshops for women helped employees to self-identify their own needs, strengths and expectations in the area of professional life, giving them an opportunity to improve communication through exercises – assertiveness, open dialog and the ability to talk about their competences. The workshops also presented the opportunity of networking and preparation to building a network of contacts supporting development.
Working with an involved and open team of Polenergia gave us a lot of satisfaction. We wish Polenergia employees many successes and joy at work!

Magdalena Kusojć and Katarzyna Molęda


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