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Nature Walk in Kampinos National Park

Nature Walk in Kampinos National Park

On September 16th, the second nature walk organized by Polenergia took place, with employees and their families in attendance. The walk provided a perfect opportunity for everyone to relax amidst nature and explore the unique natural beauty of the wetlands located closest to Warsaw's national park.

Kampinos National Park, established by the decision of the Minister of the Environment in 1959, encompasses a wealth of habitats and interesting species. It is one of the most important sanctuaries for fauna in lowland areas. Due to its natural value and social significance, in 2000 Kampinos National Park, along with its protective zone, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve under the name “Puszcza Kampinoska”, eng. “Kampinos Forest”. It is estimated that it may be home to approximately 16,500 native animal species.

The Kampinos Forest also serves as Warsaw’s green lungs and is one of the few national parks worldwide located within a metropolitan area. Within its borders, well-preserved inland dunes and ecologically important marshes and wetlands can be found, making it unique on a European scale.

The guided walk was led by Paulina Dzierża from the Wetland Conservation Center, an organization that implemented one of the first non-forest ecosystem protection projects in the Park. Ms. Paulina is a botanist and naturalist, deeply committed to the active protection of nature within Kampinos National Park and the implementation of wetland protection projects. She is also passionate about educating both children and adults.

Ms. Paulina encouraged us to take off our shoes and socks and step into the wetland! It was a very enlightening experience, especially for the children, who fearlessly checked whether the ground was wet and squishy. We covered a relaxing six-kilometer walk through Kampinos National Park. It was a time for relaxation, learning, integration and fun.

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