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Collection for seniors

Collection for seniors

Polenergia once again supported seniors from the Praga Północ district in Warsaw, beneficiaries of the Otwarte Drzwi association.

Reflection on the needs of the poor is particularly important before the holidays. It is worth taking a moment to consider the significance of supporting needy seniors.

As part of the “Easter from the Heart” campaign, Polenergia employees organized a material collection. They brought various products to the office – from basic food items to cosmetics and cleaning products. Sugar, pasta, oil, chocolate – these are just some of the things that ended up in our packages.

We wanted seniors to receive not only essential food products but also a bit of joy in the form of sweets and cosmetics.

Magdalena Głowacka-Lorek

The collected items were carefully packed into parcels, which were then delivered to the Otwarte Drzwi association. Thanks to the commitment and cooperation with the association, it was possible to provide those in need with something more than just basic necessities. We are delighted to have been part of this wonderful initiative aimed at helping those who need it most.

We sincerely thank all the employees who participated in the “Easter from the Heart” campaign. Thanks to your commitment, many seniors experienced warmth and care.

We thank everyone who contributed to the success of “Easter from the Heart” – with your help, our community becomes more cohesive and empathetic.

Together we can achieve anything!

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