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All turbines at the WF Szymankowo are assembled

Polenergia has completed the installation process of all 11 turbines at the Wind Farm Szymankowo. We have completed it in…

27 April 2021

Environmental supervision on construction sites

Polenergia is a company responsible for local communities and the environment, so both during construction and operation of the facilities,…

22 March 2021

Apiaries and meadows on the territory of Sulechów…

Creation of honey-bearing flower meadows and setting up an apiary on the territory of Sulechów I PV Farm in Lubuskie…

22 March 2021

Owl boxes in the area of the Dębsk…

The environmental supervision carried out at the construction site of the Dębsk Wind Farm, our environmentalists determined the presence of…

22 March 2021

Montagu’s harrier conservation program

In 2014, the ornithologists observing birds as part of post-construction monitoring of the Łukaszów Wind Farm and the Modlikowice Wind…

22 March 2021

Biodiversity in the area of the Dębsk Wind…

Care for biodiversity accompanies each stage of construction of the Dębsk Wind Farm. We located the sections to lay cables…

1 December 2020

Preparations for construction of the Dębsk Wind Farm

Polenergia makes efforts to minimize its negative impact on the local community and natural environment.

13 November 2020

The first turbine on the wind farm in…

The first turbine on the wind farm in Szymankowo!

12 November 2020

No plastic in the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant

NSCP introduced measures for minimization of the adverse environmental impact in 2019, consisting in gradual abandoning of the use of…

12 November 2020

Transportation of towers to the Szymankowo Wind Farm

The works in the Szymankowo wind farm site are under way.

29 October 2020

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