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Activities for sports and health undertaken in 2023

Activities for sports and health undertaken in 2023

Taking into account the need for physical activation, especially among children and youth, the Polenergia Group supports initiatives that encourage active lifestyles and promote healthy living. Priorities include projects targeting marginalized communities, children and youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and children from dysfunctional families.

We support sports clubs

1) Youth Sports Club “Patria Buk” received funding to promote the idea of sports among children and youth. The club has been operating continuously since 1922 and boasts numerous achievements in football. Importantly, the club encourages physical activity among older individuals by annually organizing indoor football tournaments for seniors.

2) Student Sports Club “Spartacus” also received funding to promote the idea of sports among children and youth. “Spartacus” encourages handball and provides training for team members who regularly achieve success in nationwide competitions.

3) The “CukierAsy” Association received funding for the “Sweet Poland” initiative, representing Polish children and youth with type I diabetes in soccer. The Polenergia Group aims to promote appropriate physical activity even among those with illnesses. We are aware that individually tailored physical effort can aid in the fight against disease.

4) The Inter-School Student Sports Club “Gwiazda,” operating at the Municipal Office in Szczuczyn, received funding for the purchase of sports clothing and equipment for children and youth attending the club. The funds were mainly allocated for the purchase of wrestling shoes and costumes, as well as sumo wrestling belts.

5) The Student Sports Club “Olimpijczyk”, operating at the Special Educational and Care Center named after the Knights of the Order of the Smile in Huta, which engages children with disabilities in sports, received funding for the purchase of sports clothing, footwear, and accessories. The club’s wards have been successful in cross-country running for years, and in 2023, they are preparing for the European Cross-Country Championships for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

6) The “Bloczek Team” Sports Club received funding to promote sports among children and youth, organize classes, and purchase sports equipment. Additionally, thanks to Polenergia Group’s support, a new wrestling coach from Ukraine was hired for the “Bloczek Team” sports club.

7) Azalia Cycling Club

The Polenergia Group is committed to supporting children’s and youth sports clubs, because physical activity is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Sports clubs offer children and youth the opportunity for regular exercise, contributing to overall health and physical fitness. Furthermore, in sports clubs, children learn cooperation, teamwork, respect for others, and the principles of fair play. These social skills are crucial for proper functioning in society.

We engage the employees of the Polenergia

The health and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance to the company, and initiatives promoting a healthy and active lifestyle are directed to collaborators at all levels of the organization.

Sports Activities

In March, on the first day of spring, employees of the Polenergia Group had the opportunity to use a mobile bike service, which was arranged for offices in Warsaw and Nowa Sarzyna. The “Bike Day” initiative aimed to encourage employees to choose cycling as an eco-friendly means of transportation to work. The action garnered significant interest and initiated a series of sports activities titled “POWER UP!” Many Polenergia Group employees took advantage of the service and can now feel safe commuting to work using an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. More information about this event can be found on the website:

Continuing the series of sports activities, a sports challenge with Activy was initiated. It is a challenge for companies facilitated through a mobile application provided by the external company Activy Ltd. The goal of thePOWER UP!challenge was to motivate Polenergia Group employees to engage in physical activity, track steps, and adopt healthy habits such as biking or walking to work. All these activities aimed to achieve a charitable goal by collecting points, which were later converted by Polenergia Group into a donation of PLN 30,000 for the Rak’n’Roll Foundation. Win Life!. In addition to the charitable impact of the challenge, the increase in participants’ engagement, fostered through teamwork, is equally important. The challenge duration was set for three months, from April 1 to June 30.

The “POWER UP!” challenge was designed to allow everyone to find the most suitable form of activity. Points could be collected by participating in various sports disciplines. Almost 200 Polenergia employees participated in the challenge. Due to the mentioned benefits and significant interest, the action will be repeated in 2024. The challenge was extensively described on the ESG Group website:

In May 2023, six individuals from the Polenergia Group collectively ran the distance of a marathon in a relay race. Their effort translated into financial support for children from the “To the Rescue of Children with Cancer” foundation. A total of PLN 1,550 was raised and donated for the benefit of the children. The amount was contributed by employees of the Polenergia Group, Polenergia S.A., and anonymous donors. The run took place in Kempa Potocka Park in Warsaw. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, participants gave their all for a noble cause.

Employees also had the opportunity to spend active time with their families in nature. In 2023, we organized two nature walks. The first took place in the Całowanie Bog, allowing children and adults to discover the secrets of peat bogs and the role of wetlands in the ecosystem. The second nature walk occurred in Kampinoski National Park. At a leisurely pace, participants covered 6 kilometers with a guide who shared insights about the role of national parks and the needs related to the protection of wetland habitats. It was a time of relaxation, learning, integration, and fun.


Together with the “Rak’n’Roll” Foundation and “Testicle Lords,” Polenergia Fotowoltaika participates in a nationwide campaign reminding about regular preventive examinations. Employees of Polenergia Fotowoltaika can take advantage of “U Day,” an additional day off to check their health and undergo examinations. In particular, preventive examinations such as breast and testicular ultrasound and cytology are recommended.

In Poland, over 20% of working individuals feel stressed every day. This state is very dangerous for health and significantly reduces the quality of life. In response to this issue, Polenergia introduced regular training sessions titled “Master Stress and Regain Control.” These sessions are conducted by Szymon Bobowski, an experienced trainer specializing in soft skills development. During the training, participants can assess their stress level and learn about methods such as the safe place technique, breathing techniques, and neuromuscular techniques. Additionally, they can learn how to reduce stress temporarily and permanently and calm the mind and body.

Psychological challenges are faced by both adults and children in today’s world. To meet the needs of working parents in the Polenergia Group, together with the Mazovian Neuropsychiatry Center, we organized weekly psychoeducational workshops for parents on children’s mental health. The sessions took place over four months and were well-received by parents.

Caring for the health of Polenergia’s employees, we also prioritize their safety and workplace hygiene. Therefore, regular occupational health and safety (OHS) training sessions are organized. In the Nowa Sarzyna Cogeneration Plant, employees underwent training to improve their skills in using portable firefighting equipment and using isolating breathing apparatus. Periodic OHS meetings and fire evacuation drills with the participation of fire brigade units are also conducted.

Before the holidays, employees had the opportunity to participate in a webinar titled “First Aid – How to Survive Vacation?” During this webinar, they could review basic first aid principles. The holiday season is a time for relaxation, but it’s essential not to forget recommended emergency procedures. Participation in the webinar helped participants refresh their knowledge in this area. Subsequently, from October to December, detailed first aid training sessions were organized, where participants learned how to assist a person who loses consciousness. Five stationary first aid training sessions took place, involving approximately 50 Polenergia employees in total.

In addition, in 2023, four webinars were held to discuss significant health issues.

1) In April, a webinar organized by two specialists from the Mazovian Neuropsychiatry Center addressed general issues related to the disease of depression. Polenergia employees could learn about what depression is, its symptoms, and when they should be concerned about their own or their loved ones’ well-being.

2) In June, Polenergia employees had the opportunity to participate in the webinar “Woman Burns Out Differently.” It was organized as part of the Career Cycle, a nationwide program for employers created by the Kulczyk Foundation. The webinar explored the impact of the menstrual cycle on mental resilience and job satisfaction. This is an example of support for female and male employees, taking into account biological differences and promoting mental health in the workplace.

3) In September, together with the “CukierAsy” Association, we organized a webinar addressing important issues related to diabetes. A diabetologist caring for “Sweet Poland,” Jędrzej Nowaczyk, talked about the essence of the disease, symptoms, course, and treatment. Michał Jeliński, an Olympic rowing champion from Beijing, the only Polish gold medalist with type 1 diabetes, shared his experience, and Mikołaj Illukowicz, the President of the “CukierAsy” Association, presented the idea of “Sweet Poland,” a soccer team of children with diabetes operating within the association.

4) In early October, employees of the Polenergia Group participated in an online meeting focusing on the prevention of cancer. The workshop was conducted by Marta Katarzyna Bednarek, an expert from the Rak’n’Roll Foundation. Win Life!

We believe that participating in sports activities and health webinars will bring visible benefits and initiate positive changes over time. We care about the health of local communities and our employees to create a harmonious environment where everyone can find inspiration for leading a healthier and more sustainable life.

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