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We are increasing the power in Polenergia!

We are increasing the power in Polenergia!

Cherishing a healthy lifestyle is important to us. We try to act by promoting a green approach to the surrounding reality and motivating to implement healthy habits. That is why we encourage Polenergia Employees to act for health and for our Planet, always keeping in mind the other people, especially those most in need.

On the first day of spring, our colleagues from the Polenergia Group had the opportunity to use the bicycle service in order to be properly prepared for the new season. Anyone who uses such vehicle could ride to work on that day and leave it under the care of a professional bicycle service. From morning to late afternoon hours, specialists checked brakes, derailleurs, cables and other elements of the bicycle that must be verified to be sure to safely move on the roads. As many as 36 people took advantage of Polenergia’s green offer! These people may feel prepared for the Group’s sports challenge, which started at the beginning of April.

As this year we started April exceptionally, because in a sporty and charitable way. We have launched the sports challenge of the Polenergia Group WE INCREASE POWER! Within three months, all Polenergia Employees who log in to the Activy application will be able to take part in an active action to support the Rak’n’Roll Foundation. Win a Life!

It doesn’t matter if our friends prefer walking or running, cycling or rollerblading, pilates or yoga. There are no limits in our challenge – every activity, even a step, counts! We encourage our colleagues to spend time actively, collect points individually and as a team.

By participating in the action WE INCREASE POWER! we promote a healthy lifestyle and create habits of daily exercise as also attitude of positive acting for others. In addition, we encourage to form teams and healthy, cheerful competition. The plan is to have a lot of fun, pleasure and joy through healthy and friendly activities for ourselves, but also for those who suffer from cancer.

We do it together, because in the Group we are stronger! Together we have more POWER, so we want to INCREASE it all the time!

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