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The first edition of Play Green with Us! has come...

The first edition of Play Green with Us! has come to an end

The first edition of the educational project Play Green with Us! has ended. From September 2022 to June 2023, over 70 educational institutions took action in support of climate and environmental protection by implementing environmental scenarios. They had been prepared by Polenergia in cooperation with the Kulczyk Foundation and UNEP/GRID-Warsaw. The primary schools and kindergartens that joined the environmental programme are located in areas where Polenergia already has assets in operation or plans to implement projects.

Polenergia Group aims to include the educational institutions for which green transformation is important in the above-mentioned initiative. This is all in order to jointly raise awareness among young people that they are the ones with the power to stop climate change. We believe that we can achieve the desired results through education and good practices.

This is why we try to act in a constructive way by passing on positive green energy and by educating others. We are able to do so thanks to the effective cooperation with primary schools and kindergartens in Zagrodno, Krzęcin, Niegosławice, Płośnica, Grabowo, Rajgród, Nowa Sarzyna, Pelplin, Kostomłoty, Żarów, Miłoradz, Radzyń Chełmiński, Lichnowy, Żuromin, Kuczbork-Osada and Sulechów Communes, as well as in the village of Gnieżdżewo.

Thanks to the excellent teachers and project coordinators from each institution, as well as great cooperation with the management of each school and kindergarten, we were able to achieve such amazing results. In the first year of the project, over 1,100 classes were conducted on the closed-loop economy, water management and a range of matters related to renewable energy.  Classes also covered biodiversity and action for our Planet. Students completed the Play Green with Us! worksheets, carried out numerous experiments and took part in outdoor activities. These included building birdhouses, planting forests and cleaning up the world. As part of additional initiatives, students planted over 1,600 trees and shrubs.

Various environmental competitions were held in 14 schools. Students were asked to design posters promoting RES. They created eco-creatures and organised eco-tests. The project also included field work, including taking pictures and making videos. There were also two large communal competitions, in Miłoradz (Playing Green in Miłoradz Commune – ESG website ( and Nowa Sarzyna Communes (Playing Green in Nowa Sarzyna Commune – ESG website (, involving all local educational institutions.

Nature conservation classes were conducted in the area of Kostomłoty and Dębsk Wind Farms. In total, 12 nature conservation classes were organised for over 350 students. The classes were conducted by experts who shared their knowledge and experience with students from local schools. The classes were aimed at raising awareness of the need for biodiversity conservation among the children. The topics, content, methods and games were adjusted to the age of the children, allowing them to get involved and to understand them.

All institutions were invited to take part in the Climate Reading campaign. The initiative consists in donating a certain amount of money to purchase Books for Climate for each school and kindergarten. The aim is to promote the idea of reading, as well as to raise interest in the environment and nature. In the last school year, 18 schools declared their willingness to join the campaign. Another 22 schools are expected to join in the next school year.

Once again, we would like to thank all project coordinators, teachers, headmasters and headmistresses and all students who were so involved in the Play Green with Us! project for their massive commitment to a greener tomorrow!


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