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Grabowo WF

44 MW

total wind farm capacity


wind turbines

2.2 MW

The capacity of the individual Vestas V110 turbines will be 2.2 MW.

Key information

The Grabowo Wind Farm is located in Podlasie, in the Kolno county, within the Grabowo municipality. It is the thirteenth onshore wind farm of the Group. The Grabowo Wind Farm consists of 20 turbines with a total capacity of 44 MW. The estimated annual production of the farm is around 125 GWh, which is equivalent to the annual electricity demand of over 60,000 households.

The commissioning of the Grabowo Wind Farm means that the Group’s generating capacity from renewable sources has exceeded the 0.5 GW threshold. The project received approval from the corporate authorities of the company to start the investment in December 2021. Construction began in the first quarter of 2022, and it was commissioned in the third quarter of 2023.

Benefits of the Project

  • Electricity generation

The estimated annual generation of clean energy is 129 GWh.

Social impact

The Project increases the Municipality’s revenue from taxes paid by the Company, and the owners of the land on which the wind farm and associated infrastructure are located will receive benefits from land lease or easement agreements.

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Educational activities supported by Polenergia Group

Polenergia supports educational activities in Grabowo WF Project area through the implementation of the educational programme Graj z nami w zielone!® in primary schools located in Grabowo Municipality. In addition, financial support is provided to educational institutions to be used for their educational purposes.


Charitable activities supported by Polenergia Group

Cooperation with the Municipality, as well as with institutions operating in the Municipality, is essential. Therefore, Polenergia is trying to support the projects implemented by the Municipality Cultural Centre (e.g. organisation of the project “Jakubowe Ścieżki”) and the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Grabowo (e.g. purchase of equipment).

Impact on biodiversity

Grabowo WF has all necessary permits to operate in compliance with environmental regulations.


Contact form

The form below facilitates submission of any comments, complaints or questions to the developer of Grabowo Wind Farm, ensuring more effective communication, transfer of information and responding to events/incidents that may occur as a result of our operations.

Complaint forms have been made available at the Municipality Offices, which also provide the company’s contact details. The forms are available at:


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