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Polenergia actively supports the “Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet” campaign implemented by...

Polenergia actively supports the “Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet” campaign implemented by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw.

In 2023, World Environment Day celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since 1973, this day has been organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and observed annually on June 5th, becoming one of the largest global platforms for environmental protection, engaging millions of people worldwide in the conservation of our planet.

This year, World Environment Day reminds us of the need to tackle challenges that limit waste production and pollution of lakes, rivers, and oceans with plastic waste. The solution to this problem lies in closing the loop, encompassing the entire lifecycle of products—from design and production to use, resource reuse, and proper waste management. Once plastic is produced, it should remain within the economy, and its utilization should be limited to the necessary minimum!

To learn more about how to address pollution issues, you can visit the website

By participating in the #ForThePlanet campaign, Polenergia Group has been actively involved in educating children and youth through the ongoing project “Play with us in Green®!” since 2022. The campaign, conducted in collaboration with UNEP/GRID-Warsaw and the Kulczyk Foundation, has already reached over 70 primary schools and hundreds of children who participate in educational activities focused on reducing plastic usage and promoting knowledge about the circular economy. The classes are led by teachers who utilize lesson scenarios prepared as part of the project. You can learn more about the project on the website:

Our support for the #GreenRibbon #ForThePlanet initiative also involves engaging in active conservation actions for endangered habitats.

Polenergia supports UNEP/GRID-Warsaw and the Re:Generation project because nature’s well-being, environmental preservation, and efforts to halt ecosystem degradation are particularly close to our hearts. In 2022, as part of the #GreenRibbon campaign, Polenergia supported the protection of coastal habitats in the Vistula Spit area. Since 2021, we have been carrying out activities to support biodiversity on the Photovoltaic Farms in Sulechów. The outcomes of our actions are monitored by scientists from the University of Zielona Góra.

In 2023, Polenergia Group will provide funding for the protection of wetland habitats.

Once occupying 18% of Poland’s surface area, wetlands have lost their previous ecosystem functions due to ongoing degradation, with more than 85% of them affected. Wetlands, marshes, and peatlands play important roles in the ecosystem, acting as areas that regulate hydrological systems and have high carbon sequestration potential. Protecting wetlands thus contributes to the fight against the climate crisis.

By supporting the Re:Generation project, we contribute to the implementation of conservation actions, including:

  • Kamionki Valley Reserve near the Piekło Wind Farm
  • Kołacznia Reserve near the New Sarzyna Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • Protection of wetlands and coastal habitats in the Słowiński National Park

Biodiversity and concern for the future of our planet are embedded in Polenergia’s DNA as we invest in renewable energy sources. The group develops new renewable energy projects while ensuring the preservation of the natural environment and supporting initiatives related to biodiversity. We continue to take further actions to reduce our impact on the environment and restore ecologically valuable areas to a good state.

Our involvement in the Green Ribbon #ForPlanet campaign was recognised at a gala organised by UNEP/GRID in Warsaw. The award for Polenergia was received from the hands of the organisers by Iwona Sierżęga and Marta Porzuczek.

You can read about how to solve the pollution problem&nbspat&nbsp

Together with UNEP/GRID-Warsaw, we continue our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. Working together, we strive to protect our planet and educate the society so that we can achieve a better future for all of us.

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