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Education for sustainable development: offshore wind energy

Education for sustainable development: offshore wind energy

In recent years, sustainability has been gaining more and more attention around the world. Developing societies are looking for increasingly ecological ways of obtaining energy to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment. With the growing interest in renewable energy sources, offshore wind energy has become one of the most promising directions of development. This innovative form of obtaining electricity from wind in the seas and oceans offers several economic benefits while contributing to the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. Investments in this area generate profits that will revive local economies and also affect the development of new industries. Offshore wind energy also has the potential to create new jobs.

The dynamic development of this industry creates the need to educate experts in the field of science, but it is equally important to acquire knowledge in the field of sustainable development in this sector. For young people, for whom sustainability is a priority, working in the offshore wind industry offers an opportunity to make a real contribution to the protection of our planet.

For many years, Polenergia has been supporting activities related to sustainable development and the education of future staff in the energy sector. We operate under four Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. 5 – gender equality, 7 – clean and accessible energy, 11 – sustainable cities and communities, and 17 – partnerships for goals. The postgraduate studies “Education for Sustainable Development: Offshore Wind Energy” is one of the results of these activities. In November 2021, Polenergia signed a partnership agreement with the University of Gdańsk on cooperation in the field of sustainable development. Since the first edition of the studies, Polenergia has been a substantive partner and supports university staff in subsequent editions. The result of this business and scientific partnership was conducting lectures by Polenergia’s representatives, a total of 15 academic hours on communication with project stakeholders and local content development, as well as financing of two places for Pomeranian residents who want to undertake postgraduate studies in the field of offshore wind energy.

As part of the summary of the first edition of studies, a publication containing diploma theses of students of the first edition of studies was prepared. The material is a great example of fruitful cooperation between the business and the scientific community and shows the interdisciplinary nature of the studies, enabling graduates to look at the issues from different perspectives. Students gained knowledge in the fields of renewable technologies, wind engineering, ecology, and economic and legal aspects related to the design and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Sustainability studies in offshore wind energy are crucial for the future of renewable energy sources. They are a response to the needs of the modern world, which is increasingly aware of the need to reduce human impact on the natural environment. Appropriate education and expertise are essential to advance this sector.

Graduates of such programs, supported, among others, by Polenergia, will be able to actively contribute to the development of offshore wind energy, striving to achieve a sustainable and ecological energy system. We believe that investments in such studies are investments in a better and more sustainable tomorrow for our planet. Only together can we create human resources for a new industry in Poland and it depends only on us how we will use this opportunity.

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