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The number of Polish companies that want to build offshore...

The number of Polish companies that want to build offshore wind farms in the Baltic is growing

Polish companies are an extremely important link in our supply chain. We want there to be as many such cells as possible," say representatives of Equinor and Polenergia. Investors, who jointly implement offshore wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea, organized the second edition of the Supplier's Day for domestic entrepreneurs. The event, which took place on World Wind Day in Łódź, was attended by about 200 representatives of Polish companies.

The Supplier’s Day is another initiative of investors addressed to Polish companies that want to participate in the construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea. It is also another event entirely devoted to cooperation with domestic companies in the field of wind farms – this time in the field of power infrastructure.

Hitachi Energy is the main contractor for the Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III projects, which are being developed jointly by Equinor and Polenergia. It will be responsible for designing the offshore and onshore power infrastructure of both wind farms, performing system analyses, as well as providing equipment for offshore stations and constructing onshore stations in the turnkey formula.

In the new sector of the economy, there is a place not only for companies from Pomerania, but also from the interior of the country, which is why this time the Supplier’s Day was held in Łódź. The event was attended by companies from all over the Polish, whose products and services can be used,, in the design and execution of the electrical installation of the Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III offshore wind farms.

Such meetings create an ideal space for Polish suppliers who want to join the implementation of our projects in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea and become part of the global supply chain for offshore wind. That is why we are glad that the next Supplier's Day attracted even more Polish companies that see an opportunity to strengthen their competences and increase revenues in the promising offshore wind energy sector.

Bjørn Ivar Bergemo

Project Director Baltic II and III, representing Equinor during the meeting in Łódź

The unique formula of the meeting made it possible to establish contact and direct dialogue between a recognized international company – Hitachi Energy – and domestic subcontractors. At the meeting, Polish entrepreneurs learned,, the investment schedule, the scope of sought-after innovations and competences, standards and requirements, the method of application and the conditions that must be met in order to get into the pool of potential suppliers and participate in the process of offshore wind energy development.

Our goal is to create conditions that will make it easier for Polish companies to enter the offshore wind market. An event such as Supplier Day is designed to do just that. We connect our main suppliers with partners on the Polish side, in the Polish industry. Entrepreneurs meet and discuss how to participate in our projects at the construction stage, as well as later service and service. We are pleased with the great interest of domestic companies, for whom our projects are an opportunity for new orders and contracts, as well as dynamic development.

Marta Porzuczek

Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development at Polenergia Group, responsible for stakeholder management in Bałtyk projects

During special thematic sessions with Hitachi Energy experts, entrepreneurs could talk individually about specific procurement packages and learn about the areas of possible cooperation.

We are looking for Polish suppliers of highly specialized components and services. The meeting was an opportunity to establish new, beneficial partnerships. We are fully open to cooperation with Polish companies. Many of them are successfully able to integrate into our supply chain. They have great potential, experience and knowledge of the market, which is why we believe that they will take part in investments in offshore wind energy in large numbers as future suppliers and contractors of services.

Hubert Krukowski

Vice President of the Management Board of Hitachi Energy in Poland

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