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Results of the “Nature: the energy of the future” competition

Results of the “Nature: the energy of the future” competition

We would like to thank all participants for taking part in the “Nature: the energy of the future” competition!

The aim of the competition was to raise awareness among children about the potential of renewable energy sources. The level of the competition entries was very high, in terms of both content and art.

When assessing the drawings, the competition jury paid attention to the creativity and originality of the ideas; the consistency of the work with the competition theme; and the quality of the drawing, understood as: legibility, aesthetics and coherence.

  • First award went to Antonina Kłosińska, who designed “Sunny bee” – an electric bee for pollinating plants. Antonina won a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablet and a PLN 500 Empik gift card.
  • Second award went to Sara Kobyłecka. She designed the Poop-energy vending machine where dog owners can put their pets’ waste and receive money for doing so. The waste is then converted into biofuel to power motor vehicles. Sara won a PLN 500 Empik gift card.
  • Third award went to Julia Malinowska, who presented a Parcel-drone powered by renewable energy sources. Julia won a PLN 300 Empik gift card.

Congratulations to the winners and to all participants!

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