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Polenergia’s Suleszek sculpture in Sulechów

Polenergia’s Suleszek sculpture in Sulechów

Polenergia has its little knight Suleszek in Sulechów. This is the fourth knight created in this city. This figurine helps build local identity and mobilizes the local community to learn about legends and history.

Cooperation with local communities in places where Polenergia Group’s projects are located or are planned to be located is a great pleasure. Especially, when we are engaged in implementing culturally and historically significant projects. This was exactly the case with supporting the creation of an important sculpture for the inhabitants of the Commune and the City of Sulechów – the legendary knight Suleszek.

Polenergia’s Suleszek is the fourth in the series of Suleszek’s sculptures, which was created in Sulechów, in the commune where Polenergia Photovoltaic Farms are located – Sulechów I, II and Sulechów III. Suleszki are created in Sulechów in honor of Sulech, from whom the city took its name. The figure of the knight on the Sulechów coat of arms comes from the seal of Henry III of Głogów, which presented the image of the ruler. On its basis, a Slavic version of the legend about the Sulechów giant – the founder and defender of the city – was created, but we do not know its exact content.

Wanting to preserve the memory of this knight, the city authorities decided to create a series of figurines symbolizing the figure of Sulech in his knightly version. Thanks to this, residents are encouraged to learn about the history of the place where they live, which also contributes to building their local identity.

We encourage to follow the website of the Sulechów commune, where information about new sculptures appearing on the city streets is published: Suleszki – mali rycerze – Urząd Miejski Sulechów (

Polenergia strives to fulfil its role as a responsible member of the local community and a good neighbour. Therefore, supporting initiatives that are culturally and historically important for a given region is extremely important to us. We declare openness to the surrounding world, sensitivity to the needs of people and nature, and willingness to help. We believe that by acting in this way – by acting together, we contribute to creating a better and more beautiful world.

Together we can do more!

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