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Polenergia’s Green Generation Capacity Grows Up to 351 MW

Polenergia’s Green Generation Capacity Grows Up to 351 MW

Polenergia launched the Kostomłoty Wind Farm with a capacity of 27 MW. This way, the total portfolio of all active RES investments of the Group grew by over 8% to 351 MW. Polenergia is solidifying its position in the group of leaders actively transforming the Polish energy market by developing zero-emission economy relying on clean and renewable sources of energy.

The Kostomłoty Wind Farm is the tenth onshore wind farm of Polenergia. It is located in the Kostomłoty County in the Upper Silesia Province. It comprises nine V136 type turbines, each with a capacity of 3 MW. These are some of the most modern and simultaneously the largest wind turbines in Poland. The gondola is assembled at the height of 122 m, while the diameter of the blades is 136 m. The total height is 190 m. The capacity of the entire farm is 27 MW. The estimated annual production of clean and green energy will amount to 87 GWh, which corresponds to the annual demand for electricity of 43,500 households. This means that the residents of the Kostomłoty County and the surrounding areas which belong to the Środa Śląska Poviat, namely Malczyce, Miękinia, Udanin and Środa Śląska could be fully supplied with clean wind energy. The investment in Kostomłoty really changes the Polish energy market and develops zero emission economy fully reliant on green energy sources. Thanks to it, it will be possible to avoid emission of up to 75,000 tons of CO2, 71 tons of SO2, 72 tons of NOx, 25 tons of CO, 4 tons of dust into the atmosphere and to reduce the use of hard coal by 40,000 tons annually.

Consistency in action, determination and efficient performance of projects have put Polenergia in the group of leaders actively supporting transformation of the Polish energy market. A year ago, our active green investments had the capacity of 249 MW. Now, we already have 351 MW, which means growth of the generation capacity by 41%. In the last twelve months, we have launched the Szymankowo Wind Farm, complexes of photovoltaic farms in Sulechowo and Buk and a solar installation in the Nowa Sarzyna CHP. Now, we are adding the Kostomłoty investment to it and are soon planning to launch the Dębsk Wind Farm which will have another 121 MW of green generation capacity. This is a joint success of all Polenergia’s teams implementing zero emission projects, our contractors and local governments with which we are cooperating.

Michał Michalski, Ph.D.

President of the Management Board of Polenergia

The performance of the Kostomłoty Wind Farm would not have been possible without very good cooperation with the local government. In 2011, the County Council adopted a local spatial management plan and in 2013, the environmental impact assessment procedure was completed for the project, preceded by a year-long monitoring of birds and bats in the area of the planned investment. In 2016 and 2017, the Company received a final construction permit for the Kostomłoty Wind Farm. The work started in April 2021 and ended in October 2022 with a concession for production of electric energy.

Good cooperation is like a wind turbine which, powered by the element and the force of its own mechanism, turns round and generates success. Commitment and consistency is vital in good cooperation. We can do so much together; working individually, we will not accomplish much.

Janina Gawlik

Head of the Kostomłoty County

The supplier of the turbines and also the entity providing technological maintenance services is Vestas. The contractor of construction work was ONDE which forms a part of ERBUD. The construction was monitored by the experts from BIO EKSPERT responsible for nature supervision. The role of the Contract Engineer during performance of the investment was performed by Bilfinger Tebodin Polska.

In the area of the Kostomłoty Wind Farm, Polenergia is implementing the Conservation Programme of Montagu’s Harrier, thus supporting the goals of sustainable development and biological diversity protection strategy of the European Union. Thanks to the monitoring activities carried out in 2022, the ornithologists secured three harrier nests with mesh. Eight birds commenced adult life. All the young birds were ringed and that is why it is possible to follow their further life and travels.

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