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Polenergia has taken patronage over a Hydrogen Technology Class at...

Polenergia has taken patronage over a Hydrogen Technology Class at the General Education Lyceum No 1 in Nowa Sarzyna

Polenergia is present in Nowa Sarzyna as the owner of the Poland’s first private gas-fuelled combined cycle power plant built as a green field project. Both the existing CHP plant in Nowa Sarzyna and the planned new gas units are specified to be compatible with combustion of green hydrogen as a contribution to building a future zero-emission power group.

Hydrogen can be used as energy carrier, raw material for the industry or fuel – it has many practical applications that can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in different sectors of industry, transport, energy and construction. As this is a tomorrow’s technology, it is important to ensure that the young generation has necessary skills to operate equipment powered by this type of fuel, and to present this energy carrier as an accelerator of Poland’s green transformation.

As a neighbour of the General Education Lyceum No 1, we feel that we are co‑responsible for preparing students from Nowa Sarzyna to play important roles in the world where hydrogen will be a key resource. We have decided to take patronage over the Hydrogen Technology Class, which involves both hands-on training at the Nowa Sarzyna CHP plant and classroom activities at the Lyceum. In addition, we will take effort to provide the Class with tools and accessories that can help the students to better understand the new technology. With this partnership, students, supported by Polenergia experts, will be able to learn the hydrogen production process in practice and from its basics.

We are committed to transfer our knowledge with due diligence to incite passion in young people for the development in the field that is extremely valuable for our common future.

In late October, as part of activities aimed at setting up a Hydrogen Technology Class, the Mayor of the Town and Municipality of Nowa Sarzyna, together with Jacek Głowacki, Nowa Sarzyna CHP Plant CEO, and experts from the Polenergia Group’s Hydrogen Technology Department, Jakub Niestryjewski and Aleksander Korytowski, launched the collaboration with Polenergia Group.

Students from the Hydrogen Technology Class had also an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes in a special guided tour of the Nowa Sarzyna CHP Plant. During the tour, Jacek Głowacki, the plant’s CEO, presented the process of obtaining and production of green energy from clean hydrogen. Mr Leszek Wylaź, responsible for taking care of the visitors, guided the amazed young people through the plant and provided detailed explanations on how the whole installation operates.

We thank the Principals and Teachers of the General Education Lyceum No 1 for their trust in us. We are proud that we can engage in knowledge transfer and share our experience in renewable energy sources. We have a deep confidence in the young generation and want to strongly support them in acquiring skills and competencies that help to change the approach, mindset and activities for the green energy transformation. Together we can do more!

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