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Bałtyk I OWF

ca. 128.5 km2

project area

1,560 MW

power of all turbines

Bałtyk I offshore wind farm will be located on the border of the Polish exclusive economic zone at the level of Łeba Municipality. The Project is located 81 km from the port of Łeba, in waters 25 to 35 metres deep. The Project will cover an area of about 128.5 km2, and the capacity of all turbines will not exceed 1,560 MW.

In January 2019, the Project obtained the connection conditions for 1,560 MW, and in January 2021 it obtained the connection agreement from the distribution system operator. Between December 2020 and March 2022, the comprehensive ex-ante maritime environment survey programme was carried out for the purposes of the maritime environmental impact assessment of Bałtyk I OWF and of the connection infrastructure used for transmission of energy from the plant. The application for issuing the decision on environmental conditions for Bałtyk I OWF was submitted on 18.05.2022 to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk. The procedure is in progress.

Bałtyk I OWF will consist of:

  • maximum 104 offshore wind turbines composed of: foundation, tower and nacelle and rotor unit,

  • maximum 2 offshore substations (OS),

  • maximum 250 km of internal power and telecommunications cables connecting:

  • individual wind turbines with each other (cable circuits)

  • groups of wind turbines with offshore substations

  • offshore substations with each other.

Connection point of Bałtyk I OWF to the National Power System will be located in PSE Krzemienica station.

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