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Impact on biodiversity

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Decision on environmental conditions

Mycielin WF holds all permits necessary to operate in compliance with the environmental protection laws. Following the EIA procedure, the investor obtained the applicable decision on environmental conditions for Mycielin No. DŚ.6220.9.2011, issued on 16 September 2011 by the Mayor of Szprotawa Municipality.

Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa Mycielin Sp. z o.o. was registered with the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE) and, as required, the report for 2022 was submitted by the end of February 2023.

In accordance with the decision on environmental conditions, ex-post noise measurements were carried out in August, September and November 2016. Based on the results, no exceedances were recorded either during the day or at night. The results of the above-mentioned noise analysis were submitted to the competent authorities, i.e. the Voivodeship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) and the Municipality Office in Szprotawa in December 2016.

In 2016, ornithological and chiropterological studies began, in accordance with the scope of ex-post monitoring agreed with the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ) in Gorzów Wielkopolski. The annual observation report was submitted to RDOŚ in 2017, which did not have any comments to the report.

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