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Impact on biodiversity

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Decision on environmental conditions

Łukaszów WF has all necessary permits to operate in compliance with environmental regulations. Following the EIA procedure, the investor obtained the relevant decision on environmental conditions for Łukaszów WF No. 5/08 ref. No. 7624-2/2008 of 28.08.2008, issued by the Voit of Zagrodno Municipality.

Amon Sp. z o.o. was registered with the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE) and submits annual reports as required.

Ex-post monitoring:

In accordance with Decision No. 73/2011 of 20 December 2011, ex-post noise measurements were carried out in March 2012. Based on the results, no exceedances were recorded either during the day or at night. The results of the above-mentioned noise analysis were submitted to the competent authorities.

Ex-post monitoring conducted between 2012 and 2015 did not show any negative impact on birds or bats. Annual reports summarising each stage of research were sent to competent authorities as required by the decision on environmental conditions.

Active biodiversity conservation

In 2014, birdwatching ornithologists as part of ex-post monitoring found Montagu’s harrier nests at the wind farm; as a result, Polenergia launched an active protection programme for this rare species of the Accipitridae family. The nests were fenced in so that agricultural machinery would not threaten the nests during harvesting and other agrotechnical operations. The birds were also protected from predators by spreading certified scented repellent, which is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. Observations showed that young Montagu’s harriers from subsequent broods (2014-2021) left the nest safely.


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