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Krzęcin WF

6 MW

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Key information

Krzęcin WF is located in Krzęcin Municipality, Choszczno Poviat, Western Pomeranian Voivodeship. Krzęcin WF consists of 4 Nordex S77 turbines, each 80 m high and with rotor diameter of 77 m. Total capacity of Krzęcin WF is 6 MW.

Krzęcin WF was built in 2010 and since 2018 it has been owned by Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa 23 Sp. z o.o., a special purpose vehicle wholly-owned by Polenergia Group. Krzęcin WF does not have its own substation; it is connected to the 110/15 kV Krzęcin main electrical substation owned by a third party operator (ENEA Operator Sp. z o.o.).

Benefits of the Project

  • Electricity generation

Annual electricity generation at Krzęcin WF Project is approximately 9,732 MWh.

Social impact

The Project will increase the Municipalities’ revenue from taxes paid by the Company, and the owners of the land on which the wind farm and associated infrastructure are located will receive benefits from land lease or easement agreements.

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Educational activities supported by Polenergia Group

Polenergia supports educational activities in Krzęcin Municipality through the implementation of the environmental project Graj z nami w zielone!® at the Primary School in Krzęcin, as well as through supporting the school’s activities with appropriate equipment.

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Charitable activities supported by Polenergia Group

Polenergia cooperates with the Municipality with regard to charitable activities on the area of Krzęcin WF. It also supports activities aimed at children and women by financing the operations of the Municipality Cultural Centre and the Country Housewives’ Associations. Support is also provided to the elderly.

Impact on biodiversity

Krzęcin WF has all necessary permits to operate in compliance with environmental regulations.

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Contact form

Below you will find a form that will allow you to efficiently communicate your comments, complaints and questions to Polenergia Group, and thus allow us to effectively communicate and provide information and respond to incidents that occur as a result of our activities.

Complaint forms have been made available at the municipal office, where you can also find contact information for the Company.

The forms are available at the following link:


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