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Polenergia becomes a partner of the #OnlyOneEarth MANIFESTO

Polenergia becomes a partner of the #OnlyOneEarth MANIFESTO

On the occasion of the 2022 World Environment Day and the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Conference, UNEP / GRID Warsaw initiated the campaign "Only One Earth". One of its elements is the #OnlyOneEarth MANIFESTO, the Partner of which is the Polenergia Group.

It was under the theme “Only One Earth” 50 years ago in Stockholm the United Nations debated and established the United Nations Environment Program. Since then, UNEP has combined concern for the health of people and the planet with values such as responsibility, peace and respect for the principles of equality.

The “Only One Earth” campaign aims to remind and emphasize that all actions we take have an impact on how we live together in harmony with nature and each other, on the common planet Earth. The fight for the climate is also a concern for peace, welfare and justice in the world. None of us live in isolation, hence it is so important to act together for the good of all of us, bearing in mind that each undertaken action has influence on what surrounds us as well as on ourselves. Only by working together we can prevent change for the worse. Societies that believe in their own agency can make a difference.

Half a century ago, the UN meeting was accompanied by the tragic events of the Vietnam War. Today, all of us in Europe are facing the consequences of the armed conflict in Ukraine and we can clearly see that peace is a prerequisite for any action on our planet. It is not a state that is given to us once and for all. Therefore, the safety of people and the security of the planet are the most important unifying needs today.

Earth is one for all of us and we must remember that!

Defending our one and only Planet

At a time when we follow with such a great concern for the continued drive towards a climate and environmental disaster, the war in Ukraine additionally makes us realize how fragile are the foundations of our life and how real is the possibility of unimaginable tragedies and su!ering. Our awareness of the threats and potential consequences of climate change is all the more acute as it may significantly increase the risk of intensification of armed conflicts in the coming years, destroying the entire ecosystem, both material and intangible assets of mankind, as well as existing social ties and the necessary relationships between humans and nature.

Thus, we recognize that the fight for the climate as we undertake it today is also a concern for peace, well-being, and justice in the world. The concern for peace is increasingly connected with the fight for the climate and with the care about proper functioning of ecosystems.

For years, the United Nations has been consistently fighting for the observance of human rights and the protection of the environment and climate. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), established at the historic United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm, has for the past 50 years combined the concern for the health of people and the planet with such values as responsibility, peace, and respect for the principles of equality. As a result of activities undertaken by UNEP in cooperation with numerous organizations, we have nowadays been witnessing an increasingly widespread effort to decouple further social development from the use of fossil fuels and to strengthen all possible efforts towards a zero-emission global economy. These aspirations maximize our chances to maintain peace on Earth at the same time.

Many of us are already committed to saving Earth’s climate, but the gravity of the current situation demands that everyone would join the combat. We need now – quickly, and on a large scale – to implement renewable energy technology and to remove any fossil-fuel subsidies. Solid foundations for the transition to a zero- carbon economy and a world without wars, demand urgent safeguarding of the climate justice, starting a global process of restoring damaged ecosystems, and putting an end to all violence.

We have less and less time to save the Planet, but there is still time to change, and rebalance the Earth.

We declare our support for the activities carried out by the United Nations and its constituent Agencies. The success of these activities requires a great deal of commitment from many stakeholders, but also from ourselves, as we are probably at a pivotal moment in the social and economic development on Earth.


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