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Play green with us!® – Polenergia’s new educational project

Play green with us!® – Polenergia’s new educational project

Polenergia has launched an educational project called Play Green with Us®, which will show teachers, educators, as well as parents and carers how to introduce young people to issues related to sustainable development in an accessible and friendly way. This is to be facilitated by specially prepared lesson plans and unique eco-books, which motivate, empower and sensitise children to the fact that we all have an impact on what is happening around us, as it largely depends on us what our tomorrow will look like. The project partners are the Kulczyk Foundation and UNEP/GRID-Warsaw.

Climate change is being observed all over the world. Increasing disturbances in weather cycles and violent atmospheric phenomena are becoming an everyday occurrence. In order to counteract them, scientists are joining forces and pointing out that one of the key tasks is to increase the education of the public about the climate crisis. An informed society in favour of sustainable development also fosters models of sustainable consumption and a circular economy. Since everyone can contribute to reducing the climate impact, it is necessary to educate children about the climate crisis and to encourage and support initiatives that reduce the negative impact of people on the environment.

Not only public institutions but also private capital play an important role in these activities. That is why Polenergia, together with the Kulczyk Foundation and the content partner UNEP/GRID-Warszawa, launched the project Play Green with Us!® aimed at teachers, educators involved in teaching children in primary schools, but also parents and guardians. Its aim is to raise children’s knowledge of the energy transition, the need to protect the earth’s surface and water, and the principles of a circular economy.

Changing the way we live today is a race for a better tomorrow for the next generations of humanity. It is becoming imperative to reduce the use of fossil fuels for the production of electricity and heat. Our future lies in Renewable Energy Sources such as onshore and offshore wind farms, large-scale photovoltaic farms and these home solar panels and heat pumps. From renewable energy, we will produce green hydrogen, which will decarbonise industry, transport and power generation. A key element to achieve this transformation is environmental education and a reorientation of the way we think about environmental protection 2 and climate protection.

Iwona Sierżęga

Member of the Management Board of Polenergia, overseeing the Group's Clean Fuels and Environmental Protection Division

Prepared as part of the Play Green with Us!® project, the materials include carefully designed lesson plans, worksheets and sample tasks to be completed by pupils at school and on their own at home. Zosia and her mother Wanda, the protagonists of the eco-books, will take those interested on an interesting ecological journey. Together with them, pupils will have the opportunity to understand why we shouldn’t produce waste at all, learn about the causes and effects of climate change, how wind farms and photovoltaic power stations work, what green hydrogen is and why it is so important for the coming years and for building emission-free industry and transport.

The ecosheets provide a comprehensive programme of environmental education divided into three

  • ‘We act with energy’ – addresses the causes of climate change and focuses on Renewable Energy Sources and their vital importance for our environment,
  • “Clever tips for waste” – addresses the issue of waste separation,
  • “Water makes you healthy! Climate challenges” – presents the topic of climate change and water management.

The Play Green with Us!® eco-books contain professionally designed lesson plans in three age categories for grades 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8 and are printed on 100% recycled paper, which does not use environmentally harmful chemicals. Munken Lynx paper is Eco Label certified, FSC certified and ‘Cradle to cradle’ certified for products manufactured according to the Closed Circle Economy policy.

The eco notebooks are also available for free electronic download from the Play Green with Us!® project website. On the website, it is also possible to sign up for webinars that will show how to teach children lessons based on the prepared materials contained in the Play Green with Us!® scenarios. The webinars will be conducted by methodologists and educators from the project partner UNEP/GRID-Warsaw.

We encourage you to participate in the Play Green with Us!® programme in the hope that together we will change our world for the better. Let’s act together #ForClimate.

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