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Nature classes in schools

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Nature classes in schools

As part of the "Graj z nami w zielone!" initiative, a series of 12 nature lessons were conducted to familiarize children with the importance of biodiversity conservation. The classes took place in the vicinity of the Polenergia Wind Farms in Kostomłoty and Dębsk.

These valuable sessions were led by experienced experts who shared their knowledge with students from local primary schools. The activities included children from both younger grades I-III and older grades IV-VIII. The content, materials, teaching methods, games, and activities were appropriately adapted to the educational level, ensuring full engagement and understanding of the subject. The total number of participants was approximately 350 enthusiastic students who took part in these inspiring sessions.

During the meetings, children had the opportunity to learn about bird species present in the vicinity of their schools. They discovered how predatory birds and owls build nests and burrows, as well as how to protect birds in their environment. One of the topics discussed during the lessons was the fascinating world of owls. Students had the chance to familiarize themselves with different owl species inhabiting their local environment and learn about their unique characteristics and behaviors. They were also encouraged to observe areas where owls could reside and to take care of these habitats. This gave children the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the value of nature conservation and local wildlife habitats.

One of the most exciting elements of these activities were field trips, where students had the opportunity to collect owl pellets. These distinctive traces served as valuable research material, which was handed over to Dr. Kasprzyk from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Dr. Kasprzyk, an expert in owl diet, used the collected pellets for research on the diet of these fascinating birds. This experience was not only unique for the students but also provided an opportunity for scientific collaboration and contributed to knowledge about local owls.

The “Graj z nami w zielone!” project engages primary school students, allowing them to participate in unique and interactive educational activities. Thanks to these activities organized by Polenergia Group, children have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about biodiversity in their region and develop skills in observation and caring for their environment. Students become more aware and involved in nature conservation, which will have a positive impact on their future lives.

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