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The competition “My studies for the planet. The Invigorating Element...

The competition “My studies for the planet. The Invigorating Element of Wind and Sea” has been decided!

Polenergia is the patron of this year's edition of the competition organized by the Faculty of Philology of the University of Gdańsk, as part of a 3-year cooperation with the University of Gdańsk, acting in accordance with the 17th Sustainable Development Goal of the 2030 Agenda. The third edition of the competition attracted many extraordinary literary talents depicting the elements of wind and sea in a moving and creative way.

Briefly about the competition:

The competition was addressed to high school students, university students, and doctoral students of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The task of the participants was to prepare a short Instagram post about the elemental power of wind and sea and present them in photos. The works were evaluated in terms of compliance with the main theme, originality, perspicacity, and linguistic correctness.

Winners in the secondary school category:

1 place

Paulina Kankowska for her poem “The Boat of Feelings”

Paulina presented not only an interesting interpretation of the theme of the competition in a melancholic story but also took a very good photo, in which she masterfully used the properties of light and shadow, creating an extraordinary atmosphere, thus showing beauty in simplicity.

2 place

Zofia Panek for the text “Towards the waves”

Zofia also presented an interesting interpretation of the theme, interweaving subtle nuances of everyday life with a deep message of the value of life. The author sensitively makes the reader aware of how important it is to see that the simplest moments hide the greatest treasures.

3 place

Anna Mach for the text “Revive the element of sea and wind”

Anna presented a very interesting message. The author describes the majesty of the sea. The text has a unique charm, leaving the reader with a deep feeling of humility before the power of the sea.

Laureate and winners in the student category:

1 place

Ignacy Kitłowski for the poem “The Wind”

The poem transports the reader to the shores of the sea, the words flow like waves. The author creates a vivid image of the wind and sharpens the reader’s imagination.

2 place

Jona Śliwowska for the poem “Chwila”

The author shared with us her interesting philosophical reflections in a thoughtful, moving and understandable way.

3 place

Łucja Szczepanik for the untitled poem

In the poem, the author conveyed the feeling of strength and solace that is hidden in the elements of wind and sea. The metaphors seem to be an allegory of the security and support that Mother Nature offers us.

On the basis of all the works, it can be seen that the sea and the wind are two powerful forces of nature that play a very important role both in life and in the sustainable development of our society. Their impact on our lives and the environment is invaluable, and awareness of it is growing.

We would like to congratulate and thank all the winners. We would also like to thank all the other participants of the competition for their participation and extraordinary commitment. It was really difficult to choose the best works, because each of the works brought something unique. Your work was inspiring and raised the bar for subsequent editions of the competition.

We wish all artists further success and an unceasing passion for creation!

We encourage you to read: The verdict of the jury of the Instagram contest “My studies for the planet. The invigorating element of wind and sea” | Faculty of Languages, University of Gdansk

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