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Ten years of the Meadow Harrier Conservation Project

Ten years of the Meadow Harrier Conservation Project

Program since 2014, thus implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Biodiversity Strategy. As part of the protection measures, ornithologists in consultation with Polenergia establish, among other: fencing around harrier nests so that they are not destroyed during harvesting or other agricultural works. Since the beginning of the Program's implementation, 106 young birds have been saved.

Thanks to ongoing monitoring by ornithologists, we now know that three nests of this rare species of the hawk family have been protected in 2023 at the Modlikowice and Lukaszów Wind Farms. One of the nests failed, but as many as 7 chicks from the other two nests safely took flight. All the young birds were ringed by ornithologists so that it will be possible to follow their further life and journeys.

Analogous active Harrier protection measures were also carried out at the Kostomłoty Wind Farm. During 2022 and 2023, 9 new nests were found, 4 of which were successfully protected from damage caused by agricultural machinery. A total of 13 chicks were ringed.

The Meadow Harrier is one of the smaller birds of prey in Europe. It is characterized by nesting in the middle of grain fields or other tall crops. The species is under strict protection, listed in the Red List of Species with an indication that it requires active protection measures. Due to the location of nesting, harrier breeding is particularly threatened. These birds inhabit almost all of Europe during the summer, and wintering location are in eastern Africa south of the Sahara (northern and eastern European populations), as well as in eastern Africa and India. Harriers arrive at Polish breeding grounds in the second decade of April or the first half of May and leave between August and October.

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