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Szymankowo Wind Farm as a good neighbor

Szymankowo Wind Farm as a good neighbor

The Szymankowo Wind Farm responds to the needs of the local community, becoming involved in local activities.

The Company, executing the construction of the Szymankowo Wind Farm, sponsored the publication of a book entitled To my Kończewice [‘We are Kończewice’]. It is a history of the village of Kończewice since its beginning, or 1338. A comprehensive and interesting publication, it is not just about one place but also about the entire area of Żuławy Wiślane [‘Vistula Fens’]. Due to hard work and passion of local historians and experts on the region, the knowledge, the local history and traditions will not be forgotten.

The Company also assists in developing the infrastructure – it co-funded the repair of the township road in Gnojewo. Owing to the support, it will be possible to complete repaving of the road and making the sidewalk.

Another project performed jointly with the local community is the construction of a memorial green site for victims of the Stalag in Gnojewo. The green site will fulfill an educational role, at the same time integrating people and attracting tourists.

Furthermore, due to a granted donation, in two elementary schools in the area of the township (in Kończewice and Miłoradz), additional classes will be arranged for children, including English classes and extra-curricular mathematics classes. Support will be also given to a biology and chemistry group and a technology group. The classes will be continued for the whole school year.

Education is part of the CSR Strategy of the Polenergia Group as an element of charitable activities. Local assistance and cooperation are inherent parts of the investment project. The Group would like to be perceived not only as an investor, therefore it listens to the needs of the local community and participates in local initiatives.

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