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Safety in Polenergia in 2021

Safety in Polenergia in 2021

The following training was carried out in 2021:

  • “Healthy Energy Farm” training series
  • employees of wind farms and photovoltaic farms took part in the training on working at heights, which also covered issues related to personal protective equipment (harnesses, escape systems, etc.).
  • in October: training on evacuation and first aid was organized also for subcontractors working in newly-built facilities
  • In June 2021, a safe driving training was delivered to the operation and development departments,
  • The training was dedicated to employees who do most of their work in the field and therefore spend a relatively long time behind the wheel,
  • The goal of the training was to familiarize the participants with factors that influence safety while driving, such as:
    • The impact of speed on the possibility of losing control of the car
    • Road risk factors – bad habits, being unaware of risks, incorrect driving techniques
    • Consequences of overestimating one’s own abilities and overestimating the car’s capabilities
    • Working with security systems
    • Learning about one’s own reactions to unexpected situations on the road

The training had both theoretical and practical part, which was presented on a dedicated track.

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