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Safety at Polenergia in 2022

Safety at Polenergia in 2022

Polenergia puts the safety of its employees at the top of its agenda, which is why it places great emphasis on the verification and continuous development of knowledge in this area.

Throughout 2022, the occupational health and safety measures were reviewed at the projects under construction: Dębsk Wind Farm and Kostomłoty Wind Farm, Grabowo Wind Farm, Piekło Wind Farm and Sulechów II and III Photovoltaic Farms, as well as Buk Photovoltaic Farm.

Health and Safety Plans (H&S Plan) and Safe Work Instructions (SWI) are provided at the construction sites and updated as required. Occupational health and safety issues at both sites are supervised by designated Occupational Health and Safety Coordinators (appointed by the Contract Engineer) or, as it is the case with Sulechów II and III sites, by the Site Manager.

They conduct ongoing health and safety inspections, report on the status of works in progress and cooperate with all subcontractors.

Proactive measures reported by the sites:

  • Joint inspections, arrangements according to the division of OHS responsibilities between the General Contractor – the Contract Engineer – the Investor – the main subcontractors. Both during the preparation for a given phase of construction and during that phase;
  • Orientation training, additional training (in particular for local subcontractors);
  • Providing an opinion on safe work instructions (SWI), subcontractor work instructions and proposing/imposing solutions to improve work safety – over and above the standards applied/proposed by the subcontractor in question;
  • Educational and training initiatives – organised in the form of Safety Days for all project stakeholders.
    • First aid training, correct sorbent use and demonstration of evacuation of a victim from a vehicle were organised at Dębsk WF. Fire extinguisher use training.
    • Kostomłoty Wind Farm organised among others the “H&S quarter”, first aid refreshing training, review of procedures and additional verification with a view to visibility during operation of machinery for earth and road works.
    • Piekło WF carried out practical training in the area of fire extinguishing using hand-held fire extinguishing equipment and demonstration of safe evacuation of an employee from excavations and at height.

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