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Preparations for construction of the Dębsk Wind Farm

Preparations for construction of the Dębsk Wind Farm

Polenergia makes efforts to minimize its negative impact on the local community and natural environment.

We will apply the latest technology and new turbines from a recognized manufacturer which limit noise emission.

To limit the impact on the local community associated with the transport at the wind farm construction stage, the following measures will be implemented: the routes of heavy goods vehicles will be planned in such a way as to avoid concentration of transport through nearby towns and villages; the routes will be agreed with the traffic authorities and the police and communicated to the local community.

In accordance with the provisions of the decision on environmental conditions, as regards nature conservation during construction work, the assembly works will be conducted outside the nesting period.

During earthwork the investor will store the rich soil layer separately to be reused during reclamation upon completion of the construction; the building site facilities and storage sites will be located outside precious habitats; it will protect the soil and groundwater from contamination; the work will be conducted under the supervision of an environmental scientist.

Regular supervision of the construction works will be exercised to make sure that they are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the decision on environmental conditions and best industry practices, and that the risks to the environment are limited and properly controlled.

Warning signs will be posted at appropriate distances on the access roads to individual turbines and entrances to the Wind Farm site.

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