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Local cooperation for the reception of refugees from Ukraine

Local cooperation for the reception of refugees from Ukraine

In the territory of Kostomłoty Commune, where the Kostomłoty Wind Farm is being built, two places have been designated to organize accommodation for refugees. A total of 55 places will be prepared: 30 in the Senior Home in Kostomłoty and 25 in the building of the local common room in Mietków.

Commune Office coordinates help activities, and we joined them – we will finance the adaptation of buildings to the refugees’ needs  and we will purchase the most necessary products, so that everyone in need can find a safe place and care.

Similar activities are organized in other communes, where self-government initiatives are being created to welcome Ukrainians and adapt day rooms, wedding houses, unused communal premises, etc.

We have also started cooperation with the communes where our photovoltaic farms are located: in Sulechów and Buk. We make donations there to purchase necessary items for places where refugees will be received – we financed 18 beds and sets of bedding. We also bought school starter kits for Ukrainian children who will attend local schools.

This is effective and long-term assistance that we want to implement where our projects in development, construction and operation are situated. There, where we focus on local cooperation and help communities every day. Now we can help together!

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