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Environmental supervision on construction sites

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Environmental supervision on construction sites

Polenergia is a company that is responsible for local communities and the environment, so during construction it is responsible both for the protection of the environment and biodiversity and for the mitigation of its negative impact.

Every project developed by Polenergia includes an Environmental and Social Action Plan, which lays down the requirements during the construction and operation of the facility. One of the implemented measures is environmental supervision in order to verify whether environmental risks are being properly managed.

At present, Polenergia carries out environmental supervision in the area and in the vicinity of the two sites under construction – Grabowo Wind Farm and Piekło Wind Farm. Environmental supervision at the project site is carried out by expert naturalists, who regularly verify the works and continuously monitor the project site for the potential presence of protected species.

The scope of tasks of the environmental supervision includes e.g.:

  • environmental protection and nature conservation training carried out by naturalists during earthworks in order to mitigate the negative impact of the project;
  • training relating to methods of installation of herpetological fencing and of dealing with caught amphibians and other protected species;
  • ongoing on-site supervision of necessary felling, correct implementation of conservation measures and compliance with environmental requirements;
  • regular inspections adjusted to the stage of works.

Based on the results of the inspections and observations, additional measures are being implemented to protect valuable species, enhance knowledge and raise awareness and sensitivity of local communities with regard to nature, which is possible e.g. through close cooperation with local authorities.

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