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Environmental supervision on construction sites

Environmental supervision on construction sites

Polenergia is a company responsible for local communities and the environment, so both during construction and operation of the facilities, it is responsible for protecting the environment and biodiversity of the areas and minimizing its negative impacts.

Every project developed by Polenergia includes an Environmental and Social Action Plan, which shapes the requirements during construction and during operation of the facility. One of the measures implemented is the conduct of natural surveillance to verify that environmental risks are being properly managed.

At present, Polenergia is conducting environmental supervision on the site and in the vicinity of two facilities under construction – the Szymankowo Wind Farm and the Dębsk Wind Farm. The scope of supervision includes:

  • environmental and nature conservation training carried out by naturalists during earthworks in order to minimize the negative impact of the investment,
  • training on how to install herpetological fences and the principles of handling trapped amphibians and other protected animals,
  • ongoing field supervision of the necessary felling, proper implementation of protective measures and compliance with environmental requirements,
  • Regular inspections tailored to the stage of work being carried out.

Based on the results of inspections and observations made, additional measures are implemented to protect valuable species, expand knowledge and increase the natural awareness and sensitivity of local communities, which is possible, among other things, thanks to close cooperation with local authorities.

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