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Education in Biodiversity Conservation – Success of Polenergia’s 2nd Edition...

Education in Biodiversity Conservation – Success of Polenergia’s 2nd Edition Educational Sessions

In September and October 2023, educational sessions led by a nature expert took place in five elementary schools on Polenergia Group's initiative. The focal theme of this year's edition was "Protecting Biodiversity - Cavity-Nesting Birds," directing attention to a crucial aspect of ecosystems. Teaching methods were tailored to the participants' age, creating an interactive and engaging educational space.

A total of 392 students had the opportunity to participate in this innovative form of education. Additionally, teachers who were part of the sessions had the chance to expand their knowledge of biodiversity, undoubtedly enhancing the quality of the education.

The sessions, conducted multiple times, received recognition from both students and teachers. Positive feedback and enthusiastic opinions from participants attest to the relevance and necessity of such educational initiatives. School administrations also expressed approval and a desire to repeat the lessons in the future.

The completion of the 2nd edition of educational sessions on biodiversity marks another milestone in the commitment to the environment and the education of the youngest. The success of this initiative has paved the way for the planning of another edition of sessions, contributing to the establishment of a lasting and positive biodiversity education.

Let us remember that educating the youngest generation about nature is crucial for the well-being of our planet.

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