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Educating the future workforce of the offshore wind energy sector

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Educating the future workforce of the offshore wind energy sector

Polenergia engages in cooperation with numerous scientific centers to facilitate cooperation and flow of knowledge and experience between science and business. Polenergia has signed agreements with the Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Gdansk and has assumed patronage of a two-semester postgraduate course "Education for Sustainable Development: offshore wind energy".

As part of its support for the professional development of women in renewable energy, the company funded 2 places for female students in these studies. Polenergia employees are a permanent part of the didactic team of this course at other universities as well (e.g., earlier cooperation with Gdansk University of Technology in creating a course on the development of offshore farms).

In addition, we continue cooperation with the L. Paga Foundation, where Polenergia employees dealing with offshore energy are the lecturers for the participants of the “Academy of Energy” . We are also cooperating with the Maritime Academy in Szczecin, where we are trying to provide systemic support for the education of Polish personnel for the widely understood energy sector, including offshore energy.

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