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Development of future energy sector personnel

Development of future energy sector personnel

Polenergia, in line with its CSR strategy, is educating the energy sector's future workforce.

For the third time, we were a Partner of the Energy Academy conducted by the L. Pagi, and for the second time a Strategic Partner of the event. In 2021, the event was attended by 29 participants, Polenergia Employees conducted a total of 6 classes, including a mentoring session. The lectures were attended by 8 Group Employees. Polenergia also mentored the “case studies” that participants prepared during the 10th Edition.

We are at the threshold of changes in the functioning of the entire energy system. The coming decade, which we will be talking about to the participants of the Energy Academy, will be decisive for the future shape of the energy market in Poland and all of Europe. Polenergia takes an active part in the development of renewable energy by developing offshore and onshore wind and photovoltaic projects. Group companies provide clean, green energy and create an ecosystem of innovative, technological solutions aimed at prosumers, users of electric cars, companies in the SME sector, as well as large enterprises already recognizing the challenges of the future and the need to change the way they use energy. All of this will be discussed by the participants of the Energy Academy. There will also be discussions on the development of green hydrogen production technologies, the role of women in the energy industry, and the importance of sustainability, which is the basis and future of the European Green Deal.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation with the Energy Academy and are pleased that as a Strategic Partner we will once again be able to meet and share our experiences with its participants. Partnerships for competence development and education are part of our ESG strategy. We are convinced that educating the sector's future workforce is a prerequisite for the success of the energy transition.

Iwona Sierżęga

Iwona Sierżęga, Member of the Management Board of Polenergia SA

In 2021, it supported the Independent Students’ Association of the Warsaw School of Economics, a cooperation that will continue in 2022.

In 2021, Polenergia signed a number of framework agreements for cooperation with universities. One of these universities is the University of Gdansk and the UG Center for Sustainable Development, with which Polenergia signed a framework cooperation agreement, and within the framework of the CZR and postgraduate studies, subsidized two places for women residents of the municipalities of Ustka and Słupsk on the postgraduate course “Education for Sustainable Development. Offshore wind energy” organized by the University’s Center for Sustainable Development. As part of the studies, two Group employees are also lecturers.

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