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Biodiversity in the area of the Dębsk Wind Farm

Biodiversity in the area of the Dębsk Wind Farm

Care for biodiversity accompanies each stage of construction of the Dębsk Wind Farm. We located the sections to lay cables using a trenchless technique with the help of an environmental scientist. This way we protect the biologically valuable wetlands.

We analyze the possibility of making the biotope in the vicinity of the project site in the form of laid stones, tree trunks and branches. We aim to create shelters for amphibians and reptiles and provide hatching sites, e.g. for wheatears.

Developing the plan for hanging nesting boxes for little owl (Athene noctua) (owl species inhabiting the Żuromin county area), we carried out an environmental interview with the local residents. From the information obtained from the residents of the village of Chamsk it appears that 1-2 territories of this species might be located in the vicinity.

Both projects will be subject to monitoring and assessment of the impact on the improvement of local biodiversity.

The inhabitants of such booths may be

During subsequent activities conducted at the end of April in the park on Lidzbarska Street in Żuromin, it was observed that some of the boxes already had tenants. The location appealed to mazurka sparrows – mazurka sparrow, field sparrow (Passer montanus) – a species of small bird of the sparrow family (Passeridae), sedentary (only a few nomadic or transient), inhabiting Europe and Asia. In Poland, an abundant breeding bird.

The above projects will be subject to further monitoring and assessment of the impact on the increase of local biodiversity.

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