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Activities for the Kołacznia nature reserve

Activities for the Kołacznia nature reserve

For several years, Polenergia has been actively involved in campaigns dedicated to the environment. In 2020, we launched the Group Development Strategy, where the issue of climate change is indicated as the basis for the Group's development.

Polenergia is developing in a sustainable manner, based on renewable energy sources, transformation of the energy system towards zero-carbon and support for the ‘Green Deal’ policy. In 2022 it participated, among others, in the UNEP GRID’s Green Ribbon for the Planet programme, under which it restored ecosystems, established flower meadows or planted several hundred trees and shrubs. The company is continuously working to protect the environment and support biodiversity. The latest result of the Group’s activities is a pro-biodiversity action in the Kołacznia nature reserve.

In the picturesque village of Wola Zarczycka in the Podkarpacie region, on a small dune, the smallest nature reserve in Poland – Kołacznia – is hidden. It is a unique place not only because of its modest size, but above all because of its unique stand of yellow rhododendron (rhododendron luteum), the only one of its kind in the country.

The yellow rhododendron, also known as Pontic azalea, belongs to the heath family. Its showy yellow flowers exude an intense fragrance that rises to a considerable distance, creating a unique atmosphere. This plant species enjoys special protection, being listed on the Red List of Vascular Plants and in the Polish Red Book of Plants.

In order to protect this unique natural site, the Polenergia Group, in cooperation with UNEP/GRID, decided to support the reserve. Thanks to the integrated commitment, it was possible to carry out 5 inspections of the reserve in the period May-September 2023, with the simultaneous deposition of blackberry regrowth and wild hops growing into the rhododendron shrubs. On the other hand, in October-November, the shrubs competing with the rhododendron were completely removed, along with blackberry and wild hop regrowth. Successful eradication measures of invasive plants covered 100% of the reserve area.

The joint action not only secured this unique yellow rhododendron site, but also confirmed the Polenergia Group’s commitment to environmental protection, particularly the hanging of biodiversity. Polenergia Group’s cooperation with UNEP/GRID is an exemplary example of an initiative for the implementation of environmental UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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