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“About diversity over coffee”

“About diversity over coffee”

May 2021 was declared the European Diversity Month, but the Polenergia Group did not limit its diversity activities to that month only. Our actions to support an inclusive work culture in 2021 included, among others:

a series of meetings entitled “About diversity over coffee – diversity month in Polenergia”. This series of meetings took place in May, with the main goal of discussing diversity and implementation of the D&I culture in the Group.

in order to propagate the D&I culture and deepen awareness among employees, further meetings were organized in May and June on the topic of diversity and creating professional opportunities, but also caring for the private life:

  • On 14 May 2021, on the occasion of Diversity Month and Family Day, a webinar entitled: “How to Build Partnership in a Relationship?” was held to suggest to Group employees how to build Partnership in relationships, so that every Parent is a full member of the Family and every Parent is also able develop professionally.
  • On 22 June 2021, on the occasion of Father’s Day, a workshop for men entitled “10 steps to becoming a better dad” was held. During the workshop, the participants could learn what to do to better communicate key values to children, how to build relations with children effectively and how to be a super hero in the eyes of children.

The above meetings were organized by the Polenergia Group in cooperation with the Share the Care Foundation. The foundation was established in 2019 with the main goal of creating a world of equal opportunities by promoting a partnership model of a family.

The Group plans to continue its cooperation with the foundation since, in addition to benefits for the Group and its employees, also brings direct social benefits. Each workshop purchased does not only support the program of promoting the sharing of parental leaves and the partnership model of a relationship. Each workshop organized by the Polenergia Group for its employees finances one workshop in prenatal classes that the Share the Care Foundation organizes across Poland for young parents.

Other D&I activities included another webinar organized in December 2021 on an inclusive culture: “Different=Equal” delivered by ODITK and an external expert from the IT industry, on the topic of inclusive culture and activities supporting the diversity culture in the organization.

Developing an inclusive organizational culture and building empathetic attitudes: caring for good relations and understanding mutual needs, are activities that are extremely important activities for the benefit of Employees.

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