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Equinor, Polenergia, and Vissim jointly organize workshops on traffic coordination...

Equinor, Polenergia, and Vissim jointly organize workshops on traffic coordination in the Baltic Sea

The ability to respond appropriately to emergencies is one of the most important elements for the safe operation of offshore wind farms. Equinor and Polenergia organized another edition of the workshops for representatives of the public sector, government administration, and local government.

Workshops on the coordination of traffic at sea during the construction and operation of offshore wind farms are a field for transparent dialogue and improving the qualifications of national staff. This initiative is in line with the policies of both companies to seek to disseminate knowledge and build a common platform for the exchange of experience together with representatives of the administration and institutions directly involved in the development of the offshore sector in Poland.

The workshop was a unique opportunity for officials to explore the complex aspects of offshore wind farms and special communications. The knowledge acquired in these workshops is a pivotal element in guiding decisions within energy and security. The tool we use serves as a valuable platform facilitating decision-making to optimize maritime logistics, manage port and maritime traffic, and protect marine resources and the well-being of other sea users. Our technology and solutions find application not only among investors but also among port and coastal authorities globally

Dominik Przygodzki

Business Development Manager at Vissim AS

Effective management in the offshore wind sector relies not only on experience but also on fast and effective communication. The workshops that we have organized for representatives of the public administration have once again provided participants with knowledge on the safety of offshore wind farms and modern operational management tools. They also created a space for cooperation and dialogue between representatives of the invited institutions

Marta Porzuczek

Director of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Department at Polenergia Group

These workshops are an important step towards building the competencies necessary for the development of the offshore wind energy market. At a time of such a dynamic development of technologies in the energy sector, dialogue is a key tool for maintaining the level of knowledge in the field of innovations introduced by investors, enabling the understanding of individual milestones, challenges related to the implementation of offshore wind farm projects and the introduction of necessary changes in the energy sector to facilitate and accelerate the energy transition process

Michał Jerzy Kołodziejczyk

CEO of Equinor in Poland

In the first part of the workshop, the participants were able to broaden their knowledge of offshore wind energy. The development of offshore wind farm infrastructure, the construction and maintenance phases, and potential emergency events were discussed.

The second part of the workshops was devoted to special communications. In the context of the evolving infrastructure of offshore wind farms, communication plays a key role in ensuring safety and effective project and personnel management. Participants had the opportunity to acquire or expand their knowledge of specialized communication systems, crisis management and real-time emergency planning.


The exercise’s purpose was familiarization with the OSEM (Offshore Energy Manager) software, which allows for full operational and technical management, including crew management, food transport, and waste management. By simulating real-life cases, participants were able to acquire the practical skills necessary to operate effectively in an environment where safety is a top priority.

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