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Competitions Play green with us!®

Competitions Play green with us!®

Nothing promotes learning more than having fun. That is why Polenergia encourages all the Schools that are involved in the Play Green with us!® project to organise interesting eco-contests and eco-projects. While participating in them, pupils not only gain new skills or extend their knowledge, but above all have fun.

The first half of the 2023/2024 school year was filled with interesting tasks that educational institutions organised within the framework of the Play Green with us!® project Schools and kindergartens carried out a total of 13 competitions and 18 eco-projects funded by Polenergia.

The initiators and organisers of the competitions are teachers who involve the pupils in the creation of artistic and technical works. They influence the development of the creativity of the younger generation, with a particular focus on environmental aspects. This model has led to the creation of, among others, the “Eco-man”, “Eco-toy”, “Eco Christmas decoration” and “Most beautiful tree made of recycled materials” competitions.

The objectives that are set for the competitions are to broaden students’ awareness of the state of nature in their immediate surroundings and the need to improve it. Participation in the competition also helps to develop pro-environmental habits (waste segregation and recycling) and a sense of responsibility for the state of the natural environment.

Through these tasks, pupils also learn what upcycling is and give used, unnecessary objects a second life, while protecting the environment and enjoying the creations of their own hands. At the same time, they raise their sensitivity to the amount of waste that surrounds us and that we generate ourselves.

We believe that the knowledge gained from such activities develops appropriate attitudes towards buying unnecessary new things and will encourage the youngest children and their parents to minimise the amount of waste generated throughout the household.

Thanks to eco-projects, some of the school gardens were prepared for the winter. In addition, new bulb flowers and shrubs were planted. The pupils did this work together with their teachers. Parents were also involved, they had the opportunity to work together with their children for the benefit of the school and the environment.

Another semester is ahead of us, with new tasks and challenges that Polenergia is very open to. Teachers are encouraged to create new eco projects and organise eco competitions so that students have the opportunity to act positively for the climate and the environment.

Acting together we can do more!

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