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Competition for sea and wind lovers!

Competition for sea and wind lovers!

High school student, college student, PhD student!

Together with the University of Gdańsk, we have a unique opportunity for you to express your passion and share it with others!

We invite all high school students, students, and PhD students to participate in the third edition of the "My Studies for the Planet" competition under the slogan "The invigorating element of wind and sea" organized by the Faculty of Philology of the University of Gdańsk.

Why did we take patronage over the competition?

Polenergia has been cooperating with the University of Gdańsk for 3 years as part of the 17. Sustainable Development Goal of the 2030 Agenda. We are developing all renewable energy sources, and one of them is offshore wind projects, which are not only the future but also a key step towards sustainable energy. By harnessing the power of offshore wind, we will be able to generate clean electricity, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, increasing energy security, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

What needs to be done and what are the rewards?

If you love watching the rhythmic movement of the waves, wandering along the coast, and capturing unforgettable moments, this contest is for you! To participate, you should prepare a post on Instagram – attach a short form of expression along with a photo showing the strength of the Baltic Sea and the wind, for example in the following aspects:

  • Ecological
  • Cultural
  • Literary
  • Economic
  • Scientific

Posts can take the form of a reporter’s column, mini-essay, casual reflection, journal entry, poem, or any other type of comment that fits in the length of the text within the Instagram post. All of them should be accompanied by hashtags: #studiadlaplanety #zywiolwiatruimorza #filologicznyug #ugdlamorskiejpolitykiwiatrowej #nafilologicznym.

Participation in the competition is a great opportunity to share your passion and unique reflections on the  Baltic Sea. Let your photo tell the story of the beauty of nature and become an echo of the power of the seas.

Hurry up – the competition lasts only until October 8! Be part of this inspiring initiative now!

More information about the competition: 📖 Invigorating element of wind and sea – Instagram contest | News – University of Gdańsk (

Remember that creativity has no limits!

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