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Biodiversity at the Strzelino Photovoltaic Farm

Biodiversity at the Strzelino Photovoltaic Farm

Polenergia Group, as part of its commitment to sustainable development and active protection of the environment, has taken more actions to increase biodiversity.

Environmental activities for the protection of the natural environment

In the area of the Strzelino Photovoltaic Farm, thanks to cooperation with the Ustka Forestry Commission and naturalists overseeing the construction process, initiatives have been implemented to support the valuable natural populations of fauna and flora species. In this way, Polenergia has once again contributed to the biodiversity of the local ecosystem.

After sowing 13.2 hectares of flower meadows covering 22 plant species (Sowing seeds of honey plants at the PV Strzelino – implementation of Polenergia Biodiversity Strategy), 2205 shrub seedlings were also planted, including hawthorn, blackthorn, wild rose and sea buckthorn. In addition, a valuable biotope was created in the central area in the form of a community of pebbles and erratic boulders, which created a suitable habitat for reptiles, amphibians and small mammals.

Installation of earwig baskets and kestrel boxes

One of the key activities was the installation of four earwig baskets and four kestrel boxes in the woods around the Photovoltaic Farm. Owls Asio otus and Falco tinnunculus kestrels are protected species of birds of prey that play an important role in regulating the population of small rodents. By creating suitable nesting conditions for them, Polenergia Group supports natural mechanisms for controlling rodent numbers, which has a positive impact on the complex forest-field ecosystem.

Boxes for the fawn on the facade of farm buildings

In addition, two boxes for Tyto alba hawks were installed on the facade of farm buildings in the Redzikowo Municipality. Flammulated owls, like eagle owls and kestrels, are valuable allies in combating excessive rodent populations, but they prefer to be adjacent to residential buildings. Providing them with nesting sites near agricultural and farmland helps naturally protect crops and reduces the need for invasive crop protection measures. All installed nesting sites will be serviced before the start of the nesting season by specialized contractors to increase the success of the environmental effect.

Support for the environment and sustainable development

These activities are part of Polenergia’s wide-ranging initiatives, including the Polenergia Group’s Biodiversity Strategy, adopted by the Board of Directors on March 12, 2024, which aims to actively protect the environment and counteract the loss of biodiversity. The installation of baskets and boxes for birds of prey, as well as the planting of a flower meadow and the construction of a biotope for reptiles, amphibians and small mammals, not only supports local biodiversity, but also demonstrates how modern technologies can coexist with complex ecosystems. The Strzelino Photovoltaic Farm is a site that demonstrates that green energy production can go hand in hand with active protection of flora and fauna.

Such activities have the greatest effect when carried out in partnership with naturalists overseeing the construction. These people know the area, can identify such activities, and have the favor of local Foresters, who, in the case of PV Strzelino, willingly joined the action and made the surrounding forests available for the installation of nesting sites. Also extremely important are conversations with local residents, who, as it turned out, are eager to invite birds to their farms. Thanks to conversations with residents and naturalists, we learn what valuable species inhabit the vicinity of their homes, and then we support these species and build extremely important environmental awareness.

Polenergia Group consistently strives to minimize its environmental impact, while investing in projects that benefit local communities, ecosystems and the climate alike. Activities in the area of the Strzelino Photovoltaic Farm are proof that sustainable development is necessary and brings tangible benefits to all parties involved in the environmental process.

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