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CEO Letter

Dear All,

I would like to invite you to visit our interactive ESG website where we describe our activities and initiatives related to the sustainable development of the Polenergia Group, including our activities with respect to local communities, biodiversity, climate education or the development and support of the Group's employees.

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The year 2022 was for us a time of dynamic changes in terms of the development of our own projects and new business investments. We significantly increased the installed capacity of onshore wind and photovoltaic farms commissioned. We conducted intensive works on the further development of offshore wind farms, as well as the development of energy infrastructure and prosumer-oriented energy.  In 2022, we also continued our works on hydrogen projects, which will be of great importance for making high-emission sectors of industry, transport and energy production more environmentally friendly. All this will be our contribution to the process of European Union energy transformation.

Unfortunately, the past year was also a time of dramatic events related to the war in Ukraine. Guided by the impulse to help, in the face of the tragedy of millions of people, we reacted by creating and co-creating many aid initiatives, lots of them are being continued to this day. Russia's aggression against Ukraine cased also a series of changes that have affected Europe's energy system and accelerated the need for the aforementioned transformation, this key segment of the economy for business and society.

We look forward to the legislative activities at the level of the entire European Community, which bring a chance to stop the negative effects of global warming and unfavourable climate change. At the same time, the requirements for business are growing, which, having great potential, should actively participate in changes that future generations will benefit from. These challenges, included in the ESG areas, are an opportunity for real action. Therefore, we do not treat the requirements related to non-financial reporting as additional burdens, but as an element of joint actions for the climate.

Prioritising due diligence in all of its actions, Polenergia Group implemented a number of changes in internal policies and the new ESG Strategy. We have set ourselves ambitious goals in the ESG strategy over a time horizon until 2030, which coincides with the time frame for the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda. This agenda is our key signpost in setting goals and activities related to responsible and sustainable development.

In 2022, efforts were undertaken to align the Group’s internal approach with the latest sustainability regulations and best practices. The point of reference in this regard was the materiality study, conducted with the participation of our significant stakeholders, whose opinions were one of the main factors in forming conclusions for further sustainability management.

Over the past year, we reviewed our approach to ethics and due diligence policies. The result of these works is a new Code of Ethics, which is the overarching standard of conduct for Polenergia Group. It is available on our corporate website and our ESG website.

Year after year, Polenergia Group is striving to improve the sustainability of its business. In response to our stakeholder expectations, we published the first non-financial report with the first summary of the Group’s compliance with the requirements of the EU Taxonomy and drawn up taking into account GRI standards. Consolidated Non-Financial Statements of the Polenergia Capital Group for the year ended 31 December 2022 (“Consolidated Non-Financial Statements”), which is a separate part of the Management Board’s Report on the Activities of the Polenergia Capital Group for the year ended 31 December 2022, can be found HERE.

Mentioned above our non-financial report is the first publication of this kind issued by Polenergia Group, which aims to achieve maximum compliance with the requirements of the material indicators of the GRI Standard. I would like to emphasize that although Polenergia Group is not yet subject to the non-financial reporting obligation for 2022, we chose to embrace it to ensure an adequate level of transparency of our non-financial activities in accordance with the best standards.

We promote an approach where sustainable development and transparent communication are not as much good practices as the duties of a responsible business.

I would like to invite you all to read our report as also to visit our ESG website.

Michał Michalski PhD

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